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PUMA Golf and Rickie Fowler launch new P...

PUMA Golf today presented the new PROADAPT ?? MID golf shoes, designed in collaboration with Rickie Fowler, PGA Tour player and Cobra Puma Golf staff. The new shoes, which will retail for £ 160 from July 23, will be available in three colourways: white, black / calm shade and gray-purple. Related Articles PROADAPT ?? The […]

Golf ball-sized hail hits porch roof dur...

Golf ball-sized hailstones hit south-eastern Leicestershire as the rest of the county took advantage of the July heatwave. Leicestershire Live reported how the monster storm hit Kibworth, near Harborough, causing damage to hundreds of cars in the area. Pellets also smashed through the roof of a veranda belonging to Ian Williams, who had arranged to […]

Ecco Golf Shoes: Why I Can’t Take Them O

Dan Murphy has developed an intermittent relationship with Ecco over the years. Once he puts on a pair, he doesn’t want to take them off anymore I’m not saying I was there at the very beginning, and I honestly don’t remember my first pair, but I’ve been wearing and testing Ecco shoes since 2002. I […]

Golf fans react as Justine Ezarik hits g...

Golf is an extremely difficult sport at the best of times when people are using their normal clubs, let alone something as thin as a lightsaber. Justine Ezarik, better known as iJustine, took one of Star Wars’ famous guns to a TopGolf driving range to show off her golf and lightsaber skills. Justine is an […]

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas special set des

Jamie Oliver and his team were forced to stop filming after abnormal weather injured staff and broken equipment on the hottest day of the year Video upload Video unavailable The video will play automatically soon8to cancel Play now Jamie Oliver’s Christmas special shoot suffers from ‘golf ball‘ sized hailstones Jamie Oliver had to give up […]

UK heat wave ends with golf ball-sized h...

Shocking footage shows massive 5cm (1.9 inch) hailstones and properties submerged in water as a result of the abnormal weather that resulted in ‘doomsday’ and ‘Armageddon-like’ scenes. Video upload Video unavailable The video will play automatically soon8to cancel Play now Essex: Golf ball-sized hailstones rain down on garden Hailstones the size of golf balls smashed […]

Video shows golf ball struck by lightnin...

Hearst Television July 14, 2021 1of3 What are the odds of this happening? Fortunately, the rare moment was caught on camera. Australian Land, City, People Sc / Getty ImagesShow moreShow less 2of3 Show moreShow less 3of3 Tomas Gomez wanted to “shoot one last shot, then go” when the weather started to change during his time […]

Lightning strikes a teenager’s golf ball

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KSAT) — They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but you don’t want it to strike once when hitting golf balls. In this case involving a group of Texas teenagers, it didn’t just hit home. He actually hit one of those bullets. It’s a moment a group of teenagers and their little brother […]

This smart way to mark your golf ball ca...

By: Luke Kerr-Dineen July 12, 2021 Put points on your golf ball. Getty Images Welcome to Play Smart, a game improvement column that drops every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from game improvement editor Luke Kerr-Dineen to help you golf smarter and better. Golf ball markings are one of those things that fascinate us in these […]

British Open 2021: Nike launches cork-co...

Ahead of the British Open, Nike released its third major-inspired shoe pack of the year, featuring the Air Max 90 G, Air Zoom Victory Tour and Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes. The shoes have cork details throughout the design which were inspired by the darts found in pubs across the UK. The shoes are […]

Win Payntr X 001 F golf shoes and caps!

Win PAYNTR GOLF X 001 golf shoes. Win Payntr Golf X 001 F performance enhancing shoes and Payntr caps! The experts in sports performance footwear Payntr entered the golf industry with the launch of the Payntr X 001 F golf shoe in March, giving golfers a competitive advantage from the start using a unique traction […]

Lightning Strikes Golf Ball in Flight

It seems that TopGolf is just too bright. In an extremely rare and lucky scenario that was filmed, a lightning bolt appeared to strike a golf ball through the air. The fact that it was filmed only adds to the drama. I mean, what are the odds? How cool is that! While lightning and golf […]

Terrifying moment, teenager’s golf ball

Terrifying moment, teenager’s 88mph golf ball is struck by lightning just yards from driving range during thunderstorm During a visit to a San Antonio Topgolf on Thursday, Tomas Enrique Gomez, 18, hit an 88mph ball during a rainstorm, when it was hit by a huge lightning bolt Gomez told he was caught off guard […]

Australian Golf Industry Council Support...

The Australian Golf Industry Council is supporting an exciting new venture to reduce golf’s carbon footprint in which used golf balls will be recycled in multiple applications including furniture, drainage systems, trails, roads and grounds. sculptures. John Harrington, Managing Director of Professional Golf Equipment, started the project in 2017 when he approached the PGA of […]

iGolfball becomes the FIRST artificial i...

Golfers spend over $ 5 billion a year on golf balls. But most of that expense is wasted as gamers find it almost impossible to differentiate the manufacturers’ marketing claims from the reality. iGolfball is the world’s first artificial intelligence golf ball picker. It harnesses cutting edge AI technology to tell you which golf ball […]

The # 1 Selling Golf Ball on Amazon | £

In this video, GolfMagic’s Alex reviews the top selling golf balls on Amazon. With thousands of reviews and superb ratings, the Srixon Distance golf ball is the most popular ball on Amazon and that is due to its fantastic value for money. Srixon Distance is a very familiar golf ball to hundreds of UK golfers, […]