2022 TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Golf Ball Review

The latest golf ball model to hit the market with mid-priced urethane coating comes from the 2022 TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball. design a step further by introducing the new Tour Response Stripe.

We all know how TaylorMade regularly seeks to set trends and think outside the box when it comes to golf equipment technology and design, and the Stripe seems to carry on that ideology. Sure, we all know how well the Pix has worked for Tour pros and amateurs alike, but the Stripe is looking to take the roster to the next level.

It features a lime green and gray band that wraps around the ball. This bold look might not be for everyone, but we loved it as a striking alternative from TaylorMade. If you’re a player who struggles to line up or roll the ball properly from end to end, then the Stripe is designed to help. It creates a very clear alignment aid off the tee and on the green, especially with the putter. When you putt, the tape clearly indicates how efficiently the ball rolls.

Not only did our tester appreciate this when practicing on the green, but we also used it in our office. Ball return is instantaneous and really reduces focus on the ball and face of the putter.

taylormade rifled bullet with stealth pilot

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

So we loved the alignment tool (although we wished it had a slightly less garish color), but how did the ball actually perform? Well, we have to mention that the price seems to be just below the models played on the Tour, which means it’s probably not one of the most economical golf balls on the market. As a result, we would expect very good performance from the Tour Response line.

Well, it worked well for us in several ways. First, a note on our process, we hit a number of shots with a SkyTrak launch monitor, comparing the numbers on different balls and the previous Tour Response ball. We then took the Stripe to the golf course to better understand the performance and feel of the game.

From a 50-yard shot, the 5574 rpm spin rate was about 500 rpm lower than the original Tour Response it replaces. A similar number to the Wilson Triad we recently tested, we felt this translated well on the golf course, providing a good degree of short game control.

Moving to the seven iron, there was a big jump in ball speed over the previous Tour Response ball. The 2022 Tour Response was 3 mph faster and offered around 300 fewer rpm. This translated to an additional five meters of carry from a flight that was also a fraction higher. Initially there were further increases as we got six more meters of carry through a bit more face speed and less spin.

taylormade striped golf ball

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

The last thing to talk about is the feel which was noticeably firmer than the TaylorMade Soft Response 2022 golf ball. This wasn’t a big deal for us as many will appreciate this, after all the putt feel is different for each player. We felt it struck a good balance that we think many golfers will enjoy using all year round.

Overall, the 2022 Tour Response ball is a step up in long game performance that combines well with the short game benefits on offer. As such, it’s a good all-around golf ball that further differentiates itself with the Stripe detailing. Therefore, if you want a ball that almost rivals the best models on the market and whose design makes alignment a lot easier, the Tour Response Stripe is definitely a model to consider.