REVAMP: Barnard Castle mini-golf upgrade would be funded from profits generated since opening in 2014

City councilors hope a £ 10,000 redesign of the mini-golf course will attract even more visitors.
The services committee agreed that the refresh proposals should include a lucky hole at the end of the game. Players would hit the ball up a ramp in the hangar before it falls on an arcade-style wall and into a pocket. ” winner ”or“ loser ”.
This will “add excitement, give opportunities to win goodies and ensure that the ball is not taken by the players.”
Other changes include “additional decor” on Egglestone Abbey, Witham and the bridge holes. The total cost would be between £ 9,240 and £ 10,800 and the work carried out by Urban Crazy, which installed the course in 2014.
City clerk Martin Clark said the mini-golf course paid for itself and the profits were being reinvested in maintenance, personnel and improvements.
In a review of the 2021 season, city council reported that the course saw the highest average daily visitor count since its construction – 78. This broke the previous record of 58 in 2014.
The season started on July 17 – later than usual due to Covid-19.
Overall rounds were recorded at 5,323. This was even higher than in 2018 and 2019 but not in previous years.
The city council report said: “The use of the course depends on the weather. For 2021, there were 68 days of operation. The course did not experience any particular bad weather and there was a mix of attendant teams on two occasions with a half-team closing.
The course made a profit of £ 6,788, excluding VAT. This is the highest since 2014.
Suggestions from city councilors in June that the authority is considering outsourcing the mini-golf course have not been discussed since and were not included in the report.