Choosing one of the best pairs of golf shoes money can buy will go a long way in helping you develop your game, whether you are a beginner on the course or a seasoned pro. You might not think it, but owning the right shoes can make a huge difference to your game and in any case, most golf clubs won’t even let you in until you have a good pair. of golf shoes.

There are different golf shoes to suit different conditions, and wearing the right pair could mean the difference between winning and losing on a Saturday morning. Plus, comfort is king in a sport that might require you to spend four hours – or more – on the course per week, so wearing the wrong golf shoes is just not an option.

We’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best golf shoes for you. After that, read on to find an extensive list of some of our favorite golf shoes on the market to suit all abilities and conditions.

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How to buy the best golf shoes for you

How much should I spend?

While it may sound obvious, it really depends on the quality of the golf shoes you want to purchase. Beginners can buy a decent pair for anywhere between £ 50 and £ 80, but some of the more prestigious golf brands offer pairs for up to £ 250 (a tempting amount, we know).

In addition to considering the price of your shoes, you should also consider whether you want to invest in multiple pairs. More on that below.

Spikes or no spikes?

The tradeoff here is simple. Traditional cleats are best in wet (i.e. British) conditions, where you are likely to play regularly on soft turf. The spikes at the bottom of the shoes give you a bit more grip and stability when swinging, and allow for a more comfortable walk on hilly courses in particular.

However, spikeless shoes, inspired by American courses located in drier climates than their British counterparts, are becoming increasingly popular. The absence of crampons allows for a lighter shoe, which can be more comfortable and damage the course less. Hybrid shoes, designed to suit all golf conditions, are also widely available.

Which brands are the best?

Again, it really depends on what type of thing you are looking for. If you want a big name, FootJoy is the clear leader in the golf shoe market. The company has long had a reputation for making some of the best golf shoes on the market, although they are often expensive.

Big sports brands like Nike and Adidas are also making fine lines in golf shoes and, if you are looking for something a little more modern, the new generation of golf shoe manufacturers include New Balance and Skechers.

Anything else to watch out for?

  • Comfort: Whether you use a golf cart or not, you will get significant mileage with the golf shoes you decide to buy. It is imperative that you choose a comfortable pair, whether you have narrow or wide feet.
  • Fixings: Some golf shoes have traditional laces and others have Velcro straps. Which one you choose really depends on your personal preferences.
  • Waterproof: Many modern golf shoes come with a water resistance guarantee, so this is something you may want to consider if you are likely to play in wet conditions often.
  • Design: From colorful sporty models to classic and elegant models, there is a model of golf shoes for all tastes.

With all of the above in mind, scroll down to find our selection of the best golf shoes the money can buy.

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The best golf shoes money can buy

1. FootJoy Pro SL: the best all-round golf shoes

Price: £ 150 (men); £ 125 (women) | Buy Men | women of american golf

FootJoy’s Pro SL (sometimes styled as Pro | SL) sets the benchmark for the best performing golf shoes on the market. The flagship of the world’s most prestigious golf shoe brand, the Pro SL offers the best grip of any spikeless golf shoe, allowing you to have your cake and, well, eat it.

The shoes’ Infinity weighted outsole, combined with an advanced traction system, will keep you stable throughout your swing in all conditions, and the flexible Premium Chromoskin Leather material (from which the majority of the shoe is built) will maximize comfort. In addition, these very practical shoes are waterproof and have a one-year warranty from most major brands.

Key Specifications – Available Sizes: 7-11; Type: without studs; Equipment: Premium Chromoskin Leather; Available colors: Black, Gray, White, Blue

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2. Under Armor Medal: The Best Golf Shoes For The Price

Price: £ 80 | Buy now from American Golf

At just £ 80, Under Armour’s Medal golf shoes offer a top brand at a reasonable price. In the medal, Under Armor sought to produce a spikeless shoe that also offers grip to suit all conditions. The shoes combine a lightweight Clarino microfiber with a more durable rubber outsole to keep your feet dry and comfortable on the course.

For the price, we think the white and gray models are absolutely fantastic. Compare them to any of the other shoes on this list and you’d be hard pressed to tell which ones were the budget option. So if you are a beginner looking to be taken seriously on the course, the Under Armor Medal could be the right shoe for you.

Key Specifications – Available Sizes: 7-11; Type: without studs; Equipment: Clarino microfiber; Available colors: Grey White

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3. Ecco Biom G3: The best golf shoes for wet weather

Price: £ 200 | Buy Men | women of american golf

And now for something completely different. ECCO’s Biom G3 golf shoes certainly look unusual and, made from premium yak leather, are one of the less conventional products on this list.

Danish shoe maker ECCO is an expert in making practical footwear, and this is reflected in the impressive feature set of the Biom G3 golf shoes. The durable exterior is enhanced with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane to keep your feet dry in wet conditions, and the lightweight, easy-to-replace Zarma-Tour spikes further enhance their waterproofness.

Key Specifications – Available Sizes: 8-10; Type: spiked; Equipment: Premium ECCO Yak Leather; Available colors: White

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4. Skechers Go Golf Pro V.4: The best golf shoes for comfort

Price: £ 149 | Buy now from Skechers

The Skechers Go Golf Pro V.4 are just about the most comfortable pair of golf shoes you can buy today. Just ask Matt Kuchar, American professional golfer and nine-time PGA Tour winner, who helped design the shoes and wears them himself on the course.

Made from smooth full-grain leather, the Go Golf V.4 features a lightweight Resamax cushioned sockliner to ensure maximum comfort. The profiled sole of the shoe accommodates Softspikes, among the most used crampons on the professional circuit, to increase grip in wet conditions in particular. It’s important to note that the Go Golf Pro V.4 also benefits from Skechers H2GO waterproof protection, so your comfort won’t be compromised on even the rainiest days.

Key Specifications – Available Sizes: 7-11; Type: spiked; Equipment: Full grain leather; Available colors: White

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5. Adidas CodeChaos: the most beautiful golf shoes

Price: £ 130 (men); £ 120 (women) | Buy Men | adidas women

Who Said Golf Can’t Be Trendy? The CodeChaos golf shoes from Adidas would be as comfortable in a nightclub as they are at your local golf club.

Available in four unique (and bold enough) colors, these CodeChaos shoes have the production quality to match their distinctive aesthetic appeal. Crafted using a hybrid waterproof texture, the shoes feature an INSITE sockliner and Fitfoam cushioning, as well as a spikeless hybrid outsole for excellent traction.

Key Specifications – Available Sizes: 6.5-12; Type: without studs; Equipment: Waterproof hybrid textile; Available colors: cloud white, signal green, gray three, basic black

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