GOLF star Bubba Watson showed up on the last day of training before the PGA Championship, wearing a pair of classic pink sneakers for £ 170.

The two-time Masters winner dropped a clue on his choice of shoes on Tuesday via his social networks.


Watson tries to win first PGA Championship of his careerCredit: EPA
His choice of shoes caught the attention of punters on the final day of training


His choice of shoes caught the attention of punters on the final day of trainingCredit: AP

Bubba, 42, shared a video of him unboxing the Air Jordan 4 golf sneakers and suggested he was going to wear them on the course.

Along with the clip, he said: “I don’t think you are all ready for this this week.”

Watson is looking for his first PGA Championship win, 11 years after finishing second behind Martin Kaymer.

The PGA Championship takes place this week on Kiawah Island, with Rory McIlory among the favorites for the second major of the year.

McIlroy, who won by eight strokes in 2012 and just picked up his victory at Wells Fargo, is the shortest prize with most bookies.


“And if it hadn’t been for him, I probably would have lost the tournament because I would probably still be trying to get him out of there.

“I’m like a dog – if I see a golf ball, I want to hit it. It’s here. Or if someone puts a soccer ball in front of me, I want to kick it. I saw the ball, I wanted to hit it. He tells me ‘think about it’.

“Look, the thing with Harry is we’re best friends. The relationship we have means it’s very hard for me to just call Harry my junior because that puts the relationship a bit at risk.

“Getting together was supposed to be a short term thing in 2017. I ended up really enjoying it, really loving it, and we decided it was going to be a long term thing. And it worked out well.

“We’ve had six wins together and the reason I want to single out Harry is that I feel like he has some negativity around the relationship which is very unfair and unwarranted.

“But people don’t know him and they don’t really know me.

“They see things from the outside and maybe they didn’t notice that it was he who was keeping a cool head when I might not be in the best place.

” It was not the first time. And that’s why I’ll always protect it from armchair critics, who don’t always see the full picture. “

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