Cuater The Legend Golf Shoe Review

One of the most traditional golf shoes to be released in 2021, The Legend by Cuater offers golfers a classic, high-tech golf shoe that can be worn all year round.

Starting with the looks, it has to be said that this simple, clean design is not seen as often in golf shoes anymore, as brands are constantly trying to find the “new” look to catch a golfer’s eye. . Besides the FootJoy Premiere Series range of shoes, we think The Legend is probably the most “classic” oxford you can buy right now.

If that’s your ideal style, then you’ll be pleased to hear that The Legend is a great performer on the course as well. However, if you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching or athletic, the best casual golf shoes or the best golf cleats should offer more colorful and bold choices.

The lug outsole of the Cuater The Legend golf shoe

(Image credit: Cuater by Travis Mathews)

That brings us nicely to the performance of these spiked golf shoes, and it’s the grip where they stand out the most. The Legend uses Pulsar Softspikes (nine on each shoe) which provide excellent grip in all weather conditions and when your feet are not in an even position. Spikes are easily replaceable which will also extend the life of the shoes and The Legend is fully waterproof making it a true golf shoe all year round.

Top quality materials are used throughout and you can feel the quality of The Legend immediately when you take them out of the box and as soon as they are on your feet. The Legend features what Cuater calls its Sweet Spot Technology cushioning system, which is used in the midsole to great effect.

In practice, this technology provides an extremely comfortable fit with plenty of underfoot cushioning and ample support when swinging a club – we were really impressed with that.

Overall, you feel like you’re getting good value for money with The Legend, and the price certainly matches the quality, durability, and performance on offer. Available in black, navy or white, there are certainly bolder choices in terms of style. However, if you are looking for a traditionally designed and styled shoe, The Legend is the best.