Duca del Cosma’s 2021 SS21 golf shoe collection is the brand’s most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly range.

Duca, the golf shoe brand that combines sleek Italian designs with premium materials and craftsmanship, has unveiled its most advanced shoe line with 22 new premium styles for men and women in a multitude bold colors.

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“The SS21 collection is the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly range we have ever introduced,” said Leslie Hepsworth, Managing Director, UK & Ireland.

“We expect the new, comfortable models to be popular with golfers able to appreciate premium golf shoes that are distinctly unlike anything on the market.”

Duca del Cosma Wildcat golf shoes.

The athletic combination Tomcat and Wildcat (RRP £ 159.95) spearheads the collection and incorporates the new Airplay XII outsole which demonstrates Duca Del Cosma’s commitment to sustainability.

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This innovatively designed outsole is made from recyclable rubber and has 2-Way-Twist triangular studs on the pivot point for an even smoother transition in the swing. The cone-shaped studs provide optimum grip and the B-Light rubber outsole provides a lightweight feel.

The Airplay IV outsole – another innovation applied to several SS21 shoes – features strategically positioned functional studs that are paired with an EVA cushioning system for solid grip and guaranteed comfort.

Duca del Cosma Elpaso golf shoes.

OnSteam technology provides waterproof protection in the interior lining and includes a new 100% breathable and recyclable microfiber that offers the feel of leather, but with an absorption capacity eight times its weight in water. Maximum comfort is obtained thanks to a temperature regulating effect that keeps the foot dry in all weather conditions.

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New models in the Duca Del Cosma range of men’s golf shoes include the waterproof Kingscup, the classic Elpaso and Valderama shoes, the sporty Kuba 2.0, as well as the modern Kubaneo line. Additions to the women’s range are the contemporary Queenscup and the chic Atlantis model.

Duca del Cosma Queenscup and Kingscup golf shoes.

Designed to provide a striking look both on and off the course, the competitively priced Kingscup and Queenscup shoes (£ 129.95) are handcrafted from recyclable microfiber for exceptional comfort. Incorporating the lightweight ARNEFLEX sockliner and the waterproof and breathable OnSteam liner, both models also feature an Airplay III outsole to provide additional traction and stability.

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The sleek Elpaso (£ 179.95) adds a modern twist to a traditional golf shoe. A 100% nappa leather upper provides superior comfort, while recyclable microfiber in the sock system and sockliner gives the shoe an eco-friendly update. The OnSteam lining and ARNEFLEX insert sole provide waterproofness and breathability, while the Airplay XI studless outsole adds a striking modern look.

Duca del Cosma Valderama golf shoes.

Like its namesake, the Valderama (£ 179.95) is aimed at the elite golfer and features a soft Italian nappa leather upper for a superior fit, an ARNEFLEX insert sole for comfort, as well as the sock system. waterproof with OnSteam® recyclable microfiber to ensure feet stay dry. Recyclable Airplay IV outsole provides excellent traction while playing.

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The Kuba 2.0 shoe (£ 179.95) takes inspiration from the brand’s sleek Italian heritage and is an upgraded version of the best-selling Kuba model. Crafted from Nappa leather, the athletic shoe features a highly breathable OnSteam® waterproof liner, recyclable Airplay IV outsole and ARNEFLEX insert sole for unmatched stability and comfort

The Kubaneo (£ 179.95) is a modern take on the classic Kuba model and offers a bold look both on and off the course. Made from soft Italian Nappa leather, the fully waterproof shoe features an Aqua Stop liner and ARNEFLEX insole, along with heel support and Airplay IV midsole made from recycled materials for a comfortable fit.

Duca del Cosma Kubaneo golf shoes.

The sleek Siren (£ 169.95) from the women’s range is crafted from soft Italian nappa leather and offers an unrivaled look to wear on and off the course. With an OnSteam liner and ARNEFLEX insert sole, the waterproof shoe ensures feet stay dry and comfortable all day long. The shoe also features the new Airplay XII outsole.

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The upper of the chic Atlantis shoe (£ 169.95) is reminiscent of underwater coral thanks to the texture of supple Italian nappa leather. Featuring a fully waterproof interior and Airplay IX outsole, the Atlantis is designed to add a little sparkle to any golf outfit.

Duca del Cosma Atlantis golf shoes.

The 2020 models featured in Duca Del Cosma’s men’s collection include the award-winning Belair (£ 159.95), Classic Eldorado (£ 179.95), Heritage and Spiked Masters (£ 199.95), as well than the distinctly athletic Flyer (£ 179.95) and the extremely comfortable Monterosso (£ 140) shoes for the course and off.

Among the most notable women’s shoes are the striking Kubana and Pose (£ 179.95), the animal print Marquessa (£ 169.95) and King Cheetah (£ 179.95), as well as the Cypress spiked shoe. (£ 189.95). The popular Festiva (£ 129.95) is also continued with the addition of yellow and red colorways.

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