Dan Murphy has developed an intermittent relationship with Ecco over the years. Once he puts on a pair, he doesn’t want to take them off anymore

I’m not saying I was there at the very beginning, and I honestly don’t remember my first pair, but I’ve been wearing and testing Ecco shoes since 2002.

I have been fortunate enough to visit Ecco’s Danish head office on two separate occasions – even doing what I can only describe as a relentless attempt to make my own pair of Eccos when I was let loose with a machine to sew.

Back then, the shoe we dreamed of was the World Class, with its leather soles and shiny uppers. I still have a new pair that I won on a media day, in their original box, and in individual shoe bags. Rich golden brown, they were – and still are – too stylish to wear on the golf course. Leather smells as good now as it did before.

Of course, Ecco as a brand had to travel in a different direction from World Class, which was to establish the brand as a serious player in golf.

Ecco’s heritage of dress shoes is focused on comfort, practicality, reliability and durability.

The golf range has a nod to it, but is also bold, futuristic, pioneering and super premium.

I remember being told a statistic once that over 85% of all golf shoes in the UK were sold for under £ 100, and at this point the least pair of Eccos expensive that you could buy was around £ 115. I’m paraphrasing but the point still stands. It is not a brand that seeks to dominate in volume.

In golf, it’s all about performance and innovation.

The breakthrough came with the Ecco Streets and Fred Couples at the Masters 2010. It’s a well-told story, but looking back, it’s hard to believe how revolutionary the concept was of a spikeless shoe you could wear. on and off the course. It seems so normal now, but it certainly wasn’t 10 years ago.

ecco golf

There is no doubt that Ecco’s hybrid shoes have come a long way since that time.

In 2013 there was the Tour Hybrid – a classic looking golf shoe with a hybrid sole – which remains one of my favorites to this day.

ecco golf

But for me, the Biom Hybrid series represented Ecco at its best. I can, and often have, donned a pair in my hotel room on a golf trip. I went for breakfast, then I went to a golf course, I played 18 holes, I went to lunch, I went to another golf course, I came back to the hotel, I drank a pint then went back to my room and then took off my shoes.

They are also incredibly durable, even with minimal maintenance.

You can watch the price and shake your head, or you can invest in a pair of shoes that hold their shape and last two or three times longer than the competition.

Maybe it’s the Yak leather or the Natural Motion technology or the super-thin midsoles – I’m not a podiatrist; I just know how good they feel to wear.

As with all the finer things in life, it’s almost better not to know. Because once you’ve tasted Ecco golf shoes, it’s hard to go without.

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