They caused a stir in 2021, and now FootJoy has expanded their modern classic lineup. Hannah Holden has all the details

For 2022, FootJoy is expanding its modern classic lineup by adding a new Field model to the Premiere Series lineup.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field: First impressions

As you’d expect from the Premiere Series range, this has a gorgeous classic style. I love the overall simplicity combined with the subtle textures of the leather for added detail.

The shoe is named after one of FootJoy’s founders, Fred Field. Fred was such an integral part of the company that it was formerly called Field and Flint Company, then Fred F. Field Company before officially becoming FootJoy in 1920.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field: The Technology

In addition, the shoe looks classic from the outside, it is still equipped with modern technologies. Most notably the VersaTrax+ Spikeless outsole. It features an anti-channeling tread pattern that is designed to provide grip on any lie and at any angle. It is made from multiple TPU compounds, the harder TPU will provide grip on the course while the softer TPU will provide traction on harder surfaces off the course.

The upper is made from a soft, waterproof leather. This Pittard’s leather features an iconic historical pattern.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field

For added comfort there is an Ortholite EcoPlush FitBed in the instep. This not only improves the overall fit of the shoe, but also provides super soft and comfortable underfoot cushioning.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field

We also see some slight shape changes on the tip to give it a more refined classic profile.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field: The Lineup

In addition to the new Premiere Series Field models, there are also additional FootJoy Traditions models that complement the modern classic lineup for 2022.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field
FootJoy Premiere Series Field

This model is available in a white or brown laced color.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field
FootJoy Traditions (Men)

Men’s lore features an all-new upper with distinct detailing on the long wings.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field
FootJoy Traditions (Female)

I love all three of these styles, especially the patterned details on the toe and heel.

FootJoy Premiere Series Field: The Details

Available: Now

Recommended retail price: £169.99 (Premiere Series Field) £119.99 (Men’s Traditions) £99.99 (Women’s Traditions)

More information: FootJoy website

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