Crews remove the old practice net system and clear the yard for the new net system.

Darlington Golf Course Driving Range Renovations

Crews remove the old practice net system and clear the yard for a new net system.

Of Bergen County, New Jersey and Zenith Construction Services, Inc.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, February 11, 2022 / —

Gorilla Netting has been awarded a contract by New Jersey-based general contractor Zenith Construction Services Inc. to provide specialist services for the new practice netting system for the Darlington Golf Course in Bergen County.

Under the contract, Gorilla Netting will design, manufacture and install the new practice net system. The new driving range will be approximately 700 feet long, with post heights reaching 150 feet high. Along with a slightly larger footprint, additional ball containment capabilities and steel poles, the new driving range net system will feature a detachable safety feature to protect the county’s investment.

The Gorilla Netting safety feature incorporated into the design of the netting system will allow the netting panels to detach from the supporting wire rope (cables) and poles in the event of high winds or heavy snow and ice loads during storms wintry. The incorporation of this safety feature reduces the risk of damage to the net, the integrity of posts and cables throughout the net system, as well as the surrounding property.

Gorilla Netting is a Florida-based international netting contractor that specializes in sport and barrier netting systems for virtually any application. Gorilla Netting serves all types of customers including public and private businesses, county and state municipalities, golf courses, golf driving ranges, baseball diamonds, colleges and universities, government agencies and the US military. Gorilla Netting barrier netting systems help provide increased safety and protection to facilities and their surrounding customers, employees and properties.

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