Golf, one of the oldest known sports, is not only a game of ensuring physical and mental fitness, but also fun and entertaining, although it is labeled as reserved for the elite and is therefore often referred to as a royal sport. However, times change and tastes, perceptions and attitudes are also associated with affordability. Golf is therefore tending to become popular among those who would hesitate to hit long to put the golf ball in the targeted hole. However, since only members can participate in the sport of golf, it therefore has a limited scope to greater participation. Jammu may also offer the best opportunities and facilities for his promotion, although he may not be elastic in his ability to adapt beyond a reasonable number of members / players. The tourist angle must be explored and the necessary infrastructure must therefore be provided. The existing infrastructure as such must be made tourist friendly. The Sidhra golf course, commissioned in 2011, can prepare budding players because, on and off the ground, it has all the facilities. The sport of golf can be made attractive to tourists visiting Jammu by having more golf courses done, as Jammu’s topography has potential for this. Moreover, changing and amending the rules and procedures for temporary members (tourists), even day to day, could give Jammu Tourism new fame.

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