Although not complete, the disc golf course at Rogersville City Park continues to be a major attraction, as evidenced by the “Rogersville Ice Bowl” tournament on February 5 which drew 94 competitors to the park.

Parks and Recreation Director Matthew Elkins told the board at its Feb. 8 meeting that he had been told by the Ice Bowl organizer that it was the biggest tournament of disc golf never organized by Rogersville.

“It was a pretty big event and it convinced me that we really needed to push this and finish the course,” Elkins said. “Get some tee pads and signs. Those are the two things we need to finish.

Disc golf tee pads are typically 4′ by 6′ concrete surfaces from which participants launch their discs at the start of each hole.

“I think I can get my guys to frame them and get the concrete poured,” Elkins told the board. “It’s going to be high on my priority list as the weather turns enough for us to pour concrete.”

As with traditional golf courses, Elkins said disc golf courses typically have a sign near the tee that indicates the design and distance to that particular hole, including obstacles and hazards.

“If it’s going to become so popular, (the starting signs) wouldn’t cost so much,” said board member Todd Biggs.

Elkins noted that new signage is needed throughout the park, including clubhouse rules, pool rules, playground rules and disc golf warning signs.

He noted that a vehicle was struck by a stray disc while the owner of the vehicle was seated in the vehicle.

“He doesn’t think the city is responsible for this, but he was wondering if the city had any policy or law that says golfers are responsible for this,” Elkins said. “I’m not sure who exactly is, but he made it clear he had no intention of involving the city. But it made me think we have signs at the ballparks that say ‘Park- you at your own risk”, and if you come to a park that has a baseball tournament and you park next to the ball diamond, it’s an assumed risk. But, we don’t have anything like that for disc golf.

Elkins said the installation of the disc golf signage would likely be part of an upcoming overall park signage upgrade project.