Hitting your driver can be one of the most enjoyable parts of golf. But there are some key elements of the setup that most amateur golfers never realize make a difference.

For example, have you ever wondered, “How far should I stand near the golf ball?” “

In the tip below, PGA Professional Todd Kolb shows us how to ensure how to get the right distance from the ball.

Note: The same process will work with your irons, just adjusting the ball position as needed.

Let’s dive in and get the perfect pilot setup.

Tip 1 – Club face

First, take the club and put it in front of you with your hands just above the belt line. This will help you make sure that the face of the club looks nice and square.

Many amateur golfers have clubface problems simply because the clubface is not square in the configuration. Placing the club in front of you before placing it on the ground next to your golf ball can help ensure a more square clubface at address.

Tip 2 – Position width

Next, make sure you have the correct stance width in your golf setup. To do this, bring your feet together, straight out of the ball.

From there, you want to take a small step with your lead foot and a longer step with your trail toe. The width of your stance should be shoulder width apart or slightly wider.

The small step towards the target with your attacking foot and the longer step with the piste foot should place your ball just inside the lead foot. This ball position will help you hit the golf ball.

Tip 3 – Tilt the body at the hips

Finally, tilt your body at hip level and simply lower the club to the floor. Now the key here is that you are now allowing your body to dictate how far I should stand from the golf ball. As a rule of thumb, most golfers first set up the club behind the ball and then take up their address position.

If your club hits the ground and is past the ball or short of the golf ball, simply start over. This way you are sure you are at the correct distance in your golf setup.

Bonus Tip # 1 – Golf Swing Tempo

This pilot swing tip is almost too easy, but I swear it works.

I have no scientific evidence to back this claim apart from countless lessons with amateur golfers.

If you are having trouble with your golf swing tempo, just take your golf setup as you normally would. But instead of putting the club on the ground, place it behind the ball. Carrying the weight of the club before swinging gives us a more natural and rhythmic tempo.

And as another benefit, I see a lot of fans improving their contact by flying over the club.

SUMMARY – How far should I stand from the golf ball?

If you’ve ever wondered “how far should I stand from the golf ball”, now you have your answer. Simply hold the club in front of you, making the clubface square. Separate the feet, bend the hips and see where the golf club lands. If it’s behind the ball, you’ve come the right distance.

Now that you know how far away should I stand from the golf ball, learn why all you are doing is slicing your driver!