Knowing how far to stand from the golf ball, and then repeating it, each time you hit a shot will undoubtedly help with the consistency and accuracy of your ball striking. This is one of the most important fundamentals of the game. My tips in the video and article below will provide you with a routine that you can use, from 9 iron to driver, so that you achieve this key aspect every time.

Start by putting the ball on the ground, a few meters in front of you. Stand with your back straight and your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, take your normal golf grip with your arms out in front of you so that the shaft of the club is parallel to the ground (the video with this article reveals exactly how this is done).

how far from the ball driver

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Keeping your legs straight, lean forward from the hips so that your upper body is positioned in the correct golf swing posture. Next, bend your knees slightly – the sole of the club should naturally rest on the ground now and your arms should hang directly from your shoulders. From there, keeping your hands the same distance from your thighs, simply move forward until the club is behind the ball. I find this simple routine really helps golfers get into the right position.

Of course, there are other checkpoints you can use as well. At address, are your armpits above your toes and your buttocks above your heels?

How far from the sand to the bullet checkpoints

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You can follow this same process with every club, from 9 iron to driver. Of course, the position of your ball changes for different clubs, as does the width of your stance (so remember to take those things into account), but the distance between your hands and your body remains constant. It’s the shaft length of the club that determines how far you are from the ball – longer shafts in your driver and woods mean you’re farther from the ball at address.