Most golfers play golf in spiked golf shoes. These spikes provide traction and stability on the various lies and surfaces found on a golf course. This means that having a set of performing cleats in your golf shoes is essential for playing your best golf.

Ultimately, golfers need to replace the cleats on their golf shoes every now and then. But how often should you replace the spikes on your golf shoes?

When to replace the studs on your golf shoes

How often you replace the spikes (or cleats) on your golf shoes really depends on how often you golf and how well you take care of your golf shoes.

Generally speaking, if you golf more than a handful of times per year, you should replace your cleats once per season. If you play more than 15 times in a season, you need to replace your tips up to twice in a given season.

However, if you are a golfer who plays even more frequently, especially walking the golf course, you may need to replace your spikes even more frequently.

The wear and tear of a spike comes from walking on the golf course and its many surfaces, including cart paths. Over time, the tips lose their sharpness and wear out, providing less traction and less reliable traction. Golfers can extend the life of their cleats by taking good care of their golf shoes, including removing debris from the soles of your shoes and around the cleats after each round.

If you take care of your golf shoes, they will last longer and perform better.