Much to my wife’s disgust, golf shoes tend to accumulate in my house. By my own admission, I’m a bit of a hoarder although with golf shoes it goes up a notch or two – I have at least 50 pairs. I like to call on old models depending on the weather, the occasion or my mood and for that I don’t throw away a lot of pairs. I have a few that I like better than everyone else, but the new FootJoy Pro SL Carbon for 2022 just topped the list.

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50 pairs of footjoy pro sl carbon golf shoes 2022 golf shoe

Last year’s version was undoubtedly one of the best spikeless golf shoes at the time and the subtle tweaks FJ has made to this new release cement its position as one of best golf shoes of 2022. I tested the white pair (it comes in three colors – white, white/navy (US only) or black) for a spin. Burghley Park Golf Club. Putting them on for the first time in size 9.5 (I go down half a size in FootJoy Golf Shoes) the feeling was very comfortable. Pro SL is a relatively unorthodox shape that won’t necessarily suit everyone. I was concerned that it would pinch my toes and the side of my foot too much, but it was amazing how that pressure dissipated after 30 minutes as the leather upper softened and the Ortholite Impressions fitbed started to adapt to the specific shape of my foot.

Reassured that the fit and size were perfect, I strolled to the first tee noticing a new sensation. FJ has incorporated Stratofoam which first appeared in the FJ Stratos Shoe in the midsole of the new Pro SL Carbon. This gives a touch of softness underfoot but above all, a subtle spring in your step when you walk. Don’t get me wrong, this won’t be the most comfortable golf shoe from the wide range of FJ. With the carbon fiber inlay running the full length of the shoe, the overall feel stays firm to help with stability, but the padded ankle collar really helps cushion every stride.

As someone who prefers a more structured shoe, the stiffness of the Pro SL Carbon was perfect and the spikeless outsole ideal for the firmer conditions I was playing in. You can easily forge a solid connection to the ground in these shoes, which allows you to really go after every shot with full commitment. At no time did these shoes slip or slip – if you land a bad shot you have only yourself to blame, not the shoes. I would also be confident that these would produce good grip in wet conditions also based on my previous experiences with Pro SL shoes.

The look is nearly flawless, too. I love how clean the front half of the shoe is. So when you go for the ball there are no distractions, but then step back, certain design features provide a modern and sleek look. Even the laces have more substance than the standard Pro SL shoe – at this price, details matter, and I particularly appreciated that. Visually the only change that disappoints me is the removal of the white trim from the sole of the black version – I much preferred having this over a all black shoe.

Make no mistake this is a premium golf shoe ($209.99 £189.99) but most of the time in golf and in life you get what you pay for and if you spend a little more for a pair like the Pro SL Carbon, I don’t. don’t think you will regret it. I would give them seven stars if I could.