Inesis WW500 Men’s Golf Shoe Review

The Inesis WW500 men’s golf shoes have been tested on several rounds of golf on golf courses, cliffs, moors and parks, and have also been worn for a good part of a week-long golf trip in Tunisia.

As they are spikeless, they can be worn on and off course. So they can be an everyday shoe as well as a golf shoe – handy for packing golf trips as it cuts down on the amount of bulky shoes to pack in your luggage. The grip they provide throughout the golf swing is just fine.

Inesis Men's Golf Shoes WW500

(Image credit: future)

My pair of men’s Inesis WW500 golf shoes fit snugly – I’m 9 wide in the shoes, and that width sometimes causes fit issues – for example, I have to wear 9.5 in Footjoys. The pair sent to me were in EU 44, which equates to 9.5 for UK sizes, 10.5 for US sizes, and were extremely comfortable right off the bat. They come in four color combinations.

The shoes are lightweight and the cushioning in the heel and sole allows for long walks without any fatigue in the feet. On this press trip, I wore them for an hour walk from the hotel to the golf course and then another hour back (a long story, almost as long as the walk) as well as around the 18 hole course without feeling it in the feet at all.

It is a summer shoe, therefore breathable. I normally wear double lined golf socks to protect against blisters every time I play. This type of socks works well, but the downside is that the feet can sometimes sweat. However, although they played in reasonably high temperatures in Tunisia, they didn’t do so while wearing these shoes.

This breathability has a downside: the shoes are not waterproof. I would have been willing to take the manufacturers word for it, but while trying to fish a ball – not hit by me, I hasten to add – from a pond in Esssenden, I ended up planting my right foot in the pond. I can point out that the shoes are indeed not waterproof.