Situated and surrounded by a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Surrey’s Hankley Common Golf Club is one of the UK’s top moorland courses and is ranked 32nd of Golf Monthly UK’s 100 Best Golf Courses and Ireland 2021/22.


(Image credit: Jason Livy)

The Hankley Common layout was designed by James Braid and Harry Colt and has long been considered one of the finest golf courses in the country. Stunning New Images From Golf Photographer Jason livy only improves the course’s reputation as an absolute stunner. Livy wonderfully captured the range of colors, the expansive moor and the sympathetic layout of the fairways to pristine greens located in the moor rather than forced. The pictures really give you an idea of ​​what it’s like to play at Hankley Common.

7th Hankley

7 at Hankley Common

(Image credit: Jason Livy)

These images of the fabulous 7th par-3, one of the most beautiful short holes in the country, brilliantly illustrate the isolation and tranquility found on the course. One characteristic being that each hole at Hankley Common feels distinct and separate.

best course in england

A view of 7th at Hankley Common

(Image credit: Jason Livy)

This 6th photo (below) is closer and more personal to give an indication of the slopes and a view of the heather which provides such incredible colors in aerial views.

Hankley 6th

(Image credit: Jason Livy)

Is this the best course in England? There are a lot of suitors out there, but these images would definitely help their cause! This photo shows the clubhouse beautifully nestled among the trees.

Hankley Hall

(Image credit: Jason Livy)

Although Hankley Common is a particularly photogenic specimen, all of the golf courses and clubs in this country have a beauty that can be captured by a great photographer.

The importance of good course photography cannot be understated. When people are planning a golf trip or a day out, their first port of call will be a golf club website. If it is populated with attractive and engaging images showing the course in its best light, they will be much more inclined to consider visiting and paying a green fee. If a website features grainy, drab photos of a dreary fall day, they’ll likely look elsewhere.

Hankley 16th

(Image credit: Jason Livy)

A good course photograph will make a course stand out – Publications such as ours will be more inclined to review or present the course, tour operators will seek to include the venue in brochures and therefore their schedules, and potential members from the surrounding area will be attracted to take a closer look.


A view of the Hankley Common clubhouse

(Image credit: Jason LIvy)

Our first tip for any course looking to market themselves to new members or visiting golfers would be to get into professional golf course photography. Its impact will be significant – current members will be reminded of what a great course and club they have, potential members will be enticed and traveling golfers or guests will be drawn to.