The Jim Henson Company has signed a deal with Mighty Coconut to create a mini-golf course based on their hit movie “Labyrinth.” The film was first released in 1986 and watched david bowie like the iconic Goblin King Jareth, and Jennifer Connelly like Sara. The footage from this film is still considered by fans to be some of the best to date.

The mini-golf course release will be a 36-hole VR course set in the world of Toby Froudthe creations of Jim Henson‘s”Labyrinth.”

Walkabout Mini Golf’s base game includes eight separate courses, each of which has 36 holes. Mighty Coconut subsequently releases individual add-on courses as downloadable content (DLC) – currently numbering three with more in the works. “Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth” will be a DLC course for the popular game, and will improve functionality and interactivity.

The “Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth” DLC will be a lively, challenging, character-filled, and richly realized course for players where they can escape, explore, and play solo or meet up to four other players for 18 easy and 18 difficult. Mode Holes – complete with iconic LABYRINTH creatures, settings and obstacles. There will also be 18 stray balls to recover and a “fox hunting” recovery expedition as well as vast mazes and gardens to discover.

“We are thrilled to work with The Jim Henson Company for our first licensed course…they have been great partners, helping us stay true to the original LABYRINTH, while allowing us to have fun and be inventive when we let’s create what is essentially an entire virtual theme park, with a mini-golf course attached,” said Lucas Martellexecutive producer and director of Mighty Coconut.

This partnership adds to Mighty Coconut’s robust and growing virtual mini-golf ecosystem, a shared virtual space where fans can spend hours making memories at their favorite entertainment venues, collecting themed keepsakes and express themselves in new ways. The strategy is at the forefront of a new approach to what some call the “metaverse” by teaming up to design large, themed attractions for IP seeking an engaged audience.

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Walkabout Golf DLC will be available this summer.

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