Watch out, everyone. Stop buying new golf shoes every time you get mud on them and follow this simple guide to keeping your kicks fresh.

It’s that time of year when everything is covered in mud, so what’s the best way for you to clean your golf shoes?

Let’s face it, we all love that feeling of putting on a new pair of golf shoes for the first time. The good news is that there is a way to get that feeling again and again…and it’s as easy as cleaning your shoes!

It sounds obvious, but no matter how bad your game is, clean golf shoes will make you at least watch confident as you head for the first tee! But what’s the best way to clean your golf shoes, and how can you care for your golf shoes to ensure they last for many seasons to come?

How to clean your golf shoes: On the course

Our top tip for cleaning your golf shoes is simple. Stay on it!

Make it part of your regular post-round routine. It’s much quicker and easier to clean a small amount of dirt from your shoes after every ride, rather than trying to give them a “new” look after they’ve been baked in the mud for half a season. .

Believe us, the rest of the bar will be able to last a few more minutes before hearing your course hole by hole. It will probably also extend the life of your precious shoes.

Many golf courses now have a pressurized air shoe cleaner located near the clubhouse, helping you easily remove dirt from your shoes. If you can also use a scrub brush and water to remove any extra dirt, you should be able to keep your shoes fresh with relatively minimal effort.

how to clean your golf shoes

However, be sure to consider the materials your shoes are made from. Companies such as FootJoy use high quality Pittards leather, creating an extremely comfortable shoe for the wearer. But while modern leather uppers are extremely durable, a stiff wire brush still has the potential to scratch the surface of the shoe – so avoid it.

Although a damp towel makes cleaning your shoes even easier, a great option for keeping your shoes in good condition is to use wet wipes. Once you’ve blown most of the dirt off the shoe, a damp wipe will gently clean away any remaining mud, leaving your shoes sparkling. Get a pack the next time you go to the supermarket and leave it in your golf bag or car trunk.

How to Clean Your Golf Shoes: At Home

If you’re looking to give your shoes a more thorough cleaning, you just have to take them home. Before doing this, make sure you have cleared most of the dry mud from the course. While cleaning golf shoes can create a small amount of mess, you really don’t want to cover your house with dirt picked up from your last golf outing.

Once this is done, the best method remains the one we all know best: hand washing with warm water and soap. We advise you to partially fill a washing-up basin, rather than trying to do it in the sink or the bathtub – for cleanliness, above all – and to equip yourself with a towel, a soft brush, an old toothbrush, a washcloth or small towel and some newspaper.

First, remove the laces from your shoes. If they’re fabric (rather than wax), you might even want to put them in your next clothes wash, or better yet, consider replacing them once a season to really keep your shoes looking fresh. Removing the laces also gives you access to the tongue of your shoes, an area often overlooked when cleaning.

How to clean your golf shoes

Once the laces are removed, place your shoes in lukewarm water – the water should barely cover the sole of the shoe, allowing you to keep them there while cleaning, without totally flooding the insole. Use the brush to remove the dirt on the shoe and wipe with the flannel.

The larger brush will also work on the sole of the shoe to remove any remaining mud that has not been spilled on the outside. However, an old toothbrush will help provide a better tool for getting into the spaces between the spikes (or the ridges on shoes without spikes), helping to make the sole look new again. Additionally, the toothbrush can also be used on the tongue of the shoe, as well as to get into creases created over time by wearing the shoe.

How to clean your golf shoes

Once you’ve cleaned all the dirt and soap scum from the shoe’s upper and sole, stuff the inside with newspaper — or better yet, a shoe tree — to help keep them in shape while they’re on the move. they dry up. Give your shoes a final wipe with the flannel and let them air dry at room temperature.

The wet wipes can also be used to clean your shoes indoors and are a nice finishing touch to make sure even the tiniest dirt is gone.

For those looking to really shine their leather golf shoes, consider using shoe polish, but be sure to let your shoes dry completely before applying.

We’ve heard more non-traditional recommendations for cleaning golf shoes, including putting them in the washing machine, or even the dishwasher! While this can remove dirt from the shoe, we advise sticking to a more traditional method. Not only does it not take a huge amount of time, but it can be therapeutic.

Plus, it prevents the shoes from being totally submerged in water…and will likely be more popular with whoever you share kitchen appliances with…

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