Most importantly, I have met some great people from various parts of the country, including one who left a deep impression on me.

In the third round, I shared a cart with Bobby Shaw, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We played at the Hackler Golf Club on the Coastal Carolina University campus, Dustin Johnson’s home course during his college days. It had more doglegs than a kennel, which left us both with a score north of 90.

But, Bobby had a good attitude.

“I had Thanksgiving dinner with my family last year and couldn’t swallow my food for some reason,” he said. “I was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and throat and had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It taught me not to worry about the little things like golf.”

It reminded me of some advice I received a few years ago from another Cape May National member, Bob Sheppard, who passed away on July 1 at the age of 75.

A few years ago, we were playing in a tournament that required players to combine their scores with a competitor in the real Augusta National Masters, and we were both having a bad day. I hung my drive in someone’s backyard on the seventh par 5 hole and ended up getting my ball out of the cup nine strokes later. Bob gave a nine, but smiled as we made our way to the eighth.

“Every day that I wake up on this side of the grass is a good day,” he said. “And if that grass is on a golf course, it’s a great day.”