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Ledges Golf Course opens for additional days due to the warm weather period

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Due to the good weather, Ledges Golf Course has decided to open its doors to golfers for a few more days. Golfer Dennis Kelce said “yes I play golf today it’s a wonderful opportunity that I hope they continue to have this year after year because it’s awesome”.

Communications coordinator Samantha Crooks said she was shocked at the number of people flooding the doors, she said, “were three-quarters full right now so pretty close, we’re going to have a good turnout today and this far. that tomorrow will were completely full, so we have 100 people coming tomorrow.

Al Swanson has been a golfer for a decade and is delighted to play golf for a few more days before the end of the season, he says: “It gets better every year, it gets better every year, it’s one. of my favorite runs throughout northern Illinois. Ledges Golf Course has implemented a temporary play format for the few days they stay open. Crooks says, “It will be different shotguns, so everyone comes out at 10:30 am and starts with different holes and comes back at the same time, it takes about 4 hours.”

Long-time golfers love to spend time together on the course in the hot sun. Swanson said, “There is no snow … no frost.” Long-time golfer Gary Acaley also commented on the course: “You can hit the ball well on the grass so the greens are in good shape and it’s a great day”. Acaley says he’s happy to be able to do a few more rounds before the end of the season, “we’re digging around and having such a good time, we’re having so much fun playing golf just being here that’s what matters, we were so happy to be outside “

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