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Frank Rambo tee off at Lexington Meadowbrook Golf Course on Downing Road.

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Simple rule

It’s not rocket science, gentlemen. If a basketball team invites the opposing team’s players to shoot from long range while they easily shoot in the paint, they will win the game. Poor move selection is the reason that individual five-star players cannot defeat team players. If a keeper does not put the ball into the post, then he will have to sit on the bench until he gets it. It’s easy to make statistics in basketball. An 80% chance of a shot under the basket by an average player will always be better than a 40% three-point shot by a potential highly rated NBA player. I know Coach Cal works hard to get his team to send the ball into the post, and they do that a lot, but not often enough … especially at the end of the game. I would tell the guards to put the ball in the paint or sit on the bench. It’s almost like when these young kids feel the pressure, they go back to what they did in high school: individual effort. But that doesn’t work against a well-trained team, even a team that has more losses than wins.

Joseph J. Hinds, Florence

Baby Santa Claus …

Why did I stop watching Kentucky basketball? This is a question I often ask myself this time of year. I have been a Kentucky fan since I was born. I’ve been through the Melvin Turpins and the Sam Bowies; the Richie Farmers and the Roger Hardens; the Sean Woods and the Eric Bledsoes. A wonderful experience; but lately not so much. What happened? To be honest I don’t know, I know I can barely tell you two names of players on the roster this year and the last few years were the same. Familiarity I miss. I miss the camaraderie. I miss that good old Kentucky basketball. With players coming and going at lightning speed, it is more than difficult to establish a relationship or sympathy with them. I’m afraid the Kentucky basketball I grew up on and have grown to love is a fading reality. It is happening before my eyes. How can I stop this? Unfortunately, I don’t have this power. But I know someone who does. Maybe Santa will grant my wish this basketball season. If not, I will try again. Now where is this remote?

Timothy Lakes, Lexington

Grateful girl

Thanks to those who still remember my father, former US Representative Larry J. Hopkins. My parents have very humble origins. They worked so hard, like most American survivors of families battling the Great Depression. Financially, we have had more difficult times than others. Remembering the snow mix of the driveway holds so many fond memories now. Take these moments that you now have with your family as very special, hug each other tight. Say “I LOVE YOU” whenever you have the chance. Merry Christmas.

Tara Hopkins, Lexington

The “jewel” of the golf course

I am compelled to respond to the recent letter to the editor regarding Meadowbrook Golf Course. The letter writer’s litany of complaints about Meadowbrook does not include actual budding starter boxes, fallen leaves all over the place, etc. The author apparently played this magnificent 18-hole, par 55 course (all par 3s except the par-4 15th hole) in November. The course season runs from March 1 through November 30 each year and the best golf course conditions in the central Kentucky area are typically found between April 15 and October 15. Considering the limited budget the course superintendent and friendly staff have to work with, I consider Meadowbrook a gem. The putting surfaces on all 18 greens are almost always in great condition, you can play a round of golf in half the time it takes to play a regulation course, and all players are walking. Golf enthusiasts between the ages of 8 and 98 can navigate this smooth course with relative ease while exercising. I invite the writer to travel around the state of Kentucky and the nation and find a municipality that manages a golf course better than Lexington with Meadowbrook.

Carl Nathe, Lexington