CITY OF PANAMA, FLA. (WMBB) – After years of renovations, the Majette disc golf course is finally complete. The Bay County Department of Parks and Recreation added signage to its teepads on Thursday, telling players how far away each hole is.

“Now that this course is being maintained at a higher frequency, it is not only attractive to disc golfers,” said Travis Barbee, division manager for Bay County Parks and Recreation. “But it’s full of walkers now and people who cycle here. People come to fish in the ponds. So just by renovating it for a group, we really opened it up to a large group of users who hadn’t used this property before.

In addition to using the area for other activities, the 30-acre disc golf course hosts Northwest Florida’s premier disc golf championship on Saturday. 90 players from across the country will compete in the tournament which kicks off at 8:30 am Saturday morning. The competition will last six hours, said Brent Gann, president of the Bay County Disc Golf Club.

“It’s a little different from most disc golf courses,” Gann said. “Most of the disc golf courses are in the woods. It’s an old ball golf course, so it’s open, it’s long.

The course has changed in appearance since its redesign. Originally, the disc golf course was 80 acres before Hurricane Michael. The vastness made it difficult to maintain the parks and recreation department, Barbee said.

“So this course existed before Hurricane Michael,” Gann said. “And then Hurricane Michael took away a lot of things that we had, like trees. So in the last couple of years we’ve taken some time, the county has invested a lot in that. We have installed new permanent tee pads here which are made of artificial turf.