A Massachusetts family whose home was blasted by hundreds of golf balls from a nearby golf course, smashing windows and leaving family members on edge, has been awarded nearly $5 million in damages and interest.

The Tenczars moved into their Kingston home in the spring of 2017. With a yard overlooking the 15th fairway of the Indian Pond Country Club golf course, they had found their “dream home,” parents Erik and Athina told the Boston Globe . Then the golf season arrived.

Golf balls have rained down from the sky, splashing around the Tenzcars’ home nearly 700 times over the past five years, the newspaper reported. The bullets shattered windows and left circular dents in the siding of the house. Neighborhood children have taken to wearing bicycle helmets when they go out to play.

“When [a ball] hits, it feels like a gunshot,” said Athina Tenczar. “It’s very scary.”

In December, a Plymouth County Superior Court jury awarded the family a total of $4.9 million, according to NBC News. The jury blamed the golf course for failing to protect the house.

Robert Galvin, Tenzcar’s attorney, told the network he understands the skepticism of his clients’ complaints, given that they knowingly purchased a home next to a golf course. But an occasional stray bullet was far different from the nearly 700 bullets that have bombarded the home since 2017, he claimed.

“They thought they were buying a property with a view of the golf course and what they ended up buying was a property with the golf course in play,” Galvin said. “[If] it was obvious to anyone that this house was going to get hit as often as this one, they would never have bought this property.

The country club has since moved the tee box from the golf course’s 15th hole, and the Tenzcars said they haven’t had a golf ball on their property in months, The Globe reported. The club said in March that they intended to appeal the case.

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