Mizuno Wave Cadence Spikeless Golf Shoes

The Mizuno Wave Cadence Spikeless Golf Shoe is a unique offering for golfers: a shoe built on the platform of a running shoe, designed for the golf course. None of the other top golf shoes we tested this year went this route, so how did the Mizuno fare?

Mizuno chose to keep the running shoe aesthetic on the Wave Cadence, but other than that, it’s a shoe built to withstand the conditions and stresses of 18-hole golf on any golf course. While we’re not a huge fan of the on-course running shoe look, it’s a quirky look that certainly breaks the mold of other golf shoe designs.

The shoe is built on Mizuno’s award-winning Wave platform, which has been providing runners with reliable underfoot cushioning and stability for many years now. These features translate very well to this golf shoe, and the same cushioning and support that is used to help runners withstand the forces of tarmac is very well received on the golf course.

Mizuno obviously understands that golfers need support in different areas than runners, so there’s extra lateral stability and traction on the Wave Cadence that’s designed specifically for golfers.

The shoe and outsole of the Mizuno Wave Cadence Spikeless Golf Shoe

(Image credit: Mizuno)

The outsole is where Mizuno takes a sharp step away from the running shoe and focuses on what the golfer needs underfoot. Mizuno has used its X10 carbon rubber sole to provide durable and inspiring grip in all conditions. Although we weren’t able to try these shoes in very wet weather, we were impressed with how well they handled wet conditions underfoot and would expect them to rival the best spike shoes for wet grip.

The shoe is made from a one-piece “booty” structure, with the tongue forming part of the main chassis rather than being separate. It gives a real “locked in” feeling once you put the shoes on, and the comfort right out of the box was impressive. Add in 20,000mm waterproof material and a 2 year waterproof guarantee, and you also have one of the best waterproof golf shoes on the market.

All in all, this is one of the quirkiest golf shoes we’ve tested this year – but a golf shoe that still delivers performance and comfort. If you’re looking for a shoe that offers ample support and good comfort over 18 holes, the Wave Cadence is an impressive studless offering.