No matter your skill level, sometimes things don’t go your way on the golf course.

Just ask Morgan Hoffmann, who had a hat trick out of the bunker in round one of the John Deere Classic on Thursday.

Hoffmann rode through much of his inning relatively unscathed at one under before a bunker on the green side of No. 16 had other plans. Not only did Hoffmann fail, but he ended up plugging his golf ball near the edge of the sand trap.

Hoffmann really had only two options in no man’s land: hit him back into the bunker to give him a better lie or try to overcome every shot angle presented and aim for the green.

He chose the latter and ended up with the former unwittingly. But not without taking some friendly fire in the process.

Instead of coming out of the sand trap, the ball went straight up before catching Hoffmann’s hat as he came back down into the bunker.

Previously, hitting yourself with the golf ball normally resulted in a penalty. But thanks to a recent rule change, Hoffmann wasn’t hit with an extra hit because it was accidental.

Hoffmann wouldn’t let the flub get the better of him either, as he hit the pin and nearly pierced the ensuing shot before bogeying.

He would shoot one more bogey on 18 to finish the round at one over for the tournament.

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