The upcoming Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst will allow players to immerse themselves in eight different courses inspired by the classic puzzle adventure.

A confusing new DLC for Ambulatory mini-golf will allow players to tour the beloved adventure game world Myst. Developed by Cyan Inc., the immersive puzzle game was released in 1991 and became an instant classic among fans of exploration and secrets. The history and details of the world of Myst have allowed the retro PC title’s popularity to persist into modern times, and a new Walkabout Mini Gold the expansion will celebrate this love.

By combining cutting edge graphics with open gameplay and a compelling story, Myst was able to stand out among other point-and-click puzzle games of its time. The first-person title sees players stumble upon Myst, a magical book that transports them to a fantastic island of the same name. The player unravels the mysteries of the island by finding clues and solving puzzles, and the absence of any physical threat makes this a unique experience based on intelligence and wonder rather than intensity. The game’s enduring popularity led to an Oculus Quest Myst remake in 2020, allowing players to revisit the nostalgic title in virtual reality.


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As announced by Cyan inc. via Twitter, a partnership with developer Mighty Coconut will allow players to explore the world of Myst in the form of a Ambulatory mini-golf expansion. The virtual reality title lets players immerse themselves in the world of miniature golf, and now Myst Island will be converted into eight separate courses inspired by the classic point-and-click title. Memorial Myst golf balls and a special putter will also be included in Walkabout Mini Golf: Mystwhich will be released in the fall of 2022.

Myst fans hold updates and spin-offs to a very high standard, as evidenced by Oculus Quest’s recent remake of the mind-blowing title. The modern reimagining of the retro puzzler added new CGI footage to replace the classic Full Motion video, but a mod to replace the Myst The remake CGI was very quickly created by a fan. Followers of the original version were apparently unhappy with the quality of these remade scenes, preferring both the style and nostalgia of older FMV technology. Cyan Inc. even supported this work, showing the mutual respect and admiration between the Myst developer and its actors.

While the Myst remake already lets players experience the beloved adventure in virtual reality, Ambulatory mini-golf will bring a putt-putt perspective to the puzzle. Eight different courses will allow players to send Myst-Inspired bullets through iconic locations of the classic point-and-click. While Ambulatory mini-golf may not be as confusing as Mystshooting below par on all eight courses promises to be equally immersive.

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Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst will launch in fall 2022 for PC and Oculus Quest.

Source: Cyan Inc./Twitter

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