Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoe Review

Nike’s Air Max 90 shoe has been reinvented for use on the golf course, and thankfully, we’ve found this classic silhouette to be a practical and fashionable offering for the golf course.

Right away we could see what this was going to be one of the best casual golf shoes out there and as big fans of the OG Trainer look and style we loved how much it stays close to the traditional look.

These shoes look and feel just as comfortable off the course as they do on it, making them a great shoe to take straight from the course to the patio or even to a bar for 19th hole refreshments!

Of course, the classic style and look will be the main attraction of this golf shoe, but the Air Max 90 G is by no means just a look, it’s also practical.

The outsole of the Nike Air Max 90 G golf shoe

(Image credit: Nike)

The spikeless outsole is one of the best we’ve tried on any recent spikeless golf shoe and the Air Max 90 G felt comfortable in wet conditions on the course. Nike describes the outsole of this shoe as “waffle,” and that bumpy outsole provides traction in all the right places while providing a low-profile look and feel on the course.

The fully waterproof synthetic upper means these shoes will keep you dry in the heaviest rain, but we wouldn’t trust them as much underfoot once the skies open up.

However, this is expected of even the best spikeless golf shoes, and the Air Max 90 G’s proficiency in wet conditions was a highlight.

Nike Air Max 90 G - Golf Shoes - Dark Beet

(Image credit: Nike)

While the Max Air bubble is part of the iconic visual language of this Nike shoe, it’s also there to provide serious comfort when walking. A full round of golf is a snap thanks to the bubble and foam midsole.

However, since they are effectively made from the same silhouette as the street shoe, the Air Max 90 G probably doesn’t offer the same kind of support around the ankle as the Puma Alphacat spikeless shoe for example. That’s not to say it’s not a supportive shoe to some extent, but there are definitely golf shoes specifically designed for support if that’s your key marker for a golf shoe.

All in all, it’s the amazing looks that really make this shoe stand out from many of the best golf shoes on the market today. Our favorite color was the Dark Beetroot and Red option pictured above, but there are four other attractive options as well.