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OC Welch Helps Attract More Kids To The Golf Course With New Sponsorship

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – When you hear OC Welch’s name, you probably think of its car dealership.

But long before he made a living selling cars, he lived to play golf.

“I couldn’t wait to go to the golf course. I used to run there; I couldn’t get there fast enough. This is what I wanted and this is where I wanted to be, ”Welch said.

And he wasn’t the only one, “the golf course was full of kids when I was little.”

Something he says is getting rarer and rarer.

Perhaps the main reason, “Golf is very, very, very expensive, we all know that.” Some of these places cost thousands of dollars just to get to the place.

One problem that wasn’t so big when Welch was growing up, “it was $ 50 a year to play Bacon Park.”

A prize that stuck in his mind and that inspired this movement.

“I will sponsor 200 children. So bring your kids to Bacon Park and they can play for $ 50 for a whole year, ”Welch said.

A full year of golf for only $ 50 for ages 12 and under.

Teach them a love of the game and the tools for lifelong success.

“The things I can do today started at Bacon Park. I’ve always told people that I learned a lot more about this golf course than I ever learned in a classroom, ”Welch says.

Of course you might be wondering what he’s getting out of this deal, well for him it’s just an investment in the future of the sport and the people he loves.

“I hope a kid will see me one day and say, ‘Thank you for introducing me to Bacon Park. It made a difference in my life. That’s what we’re looking for, a game changer, ”Welch said.

Along with a year of golfing for just $ 50, Welch says they’ll also help deliver clubs and balls to those in need.

For more information on how to register, call or email Bacon Park here.

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