The City of Salem Parks and Recreation Board met March 8 at the Salem Community Center @ the Armory.

Board members present were Greg Sanders, Angie Curley, Leah Nash, Caleb Shepherd, Amanda Duncan, Kyle Williams and park superintendent Melissa DuBois. Missing were Crystal Pilkington and Chris Cabaness.

The meeting was opened at 6:14 p.m. by President Sanders.

The minutes of the previous meetings were approved, as well as the agenda.

A discussion took place regarding a truck for the parks department, as well as the disc golf course.

One of the trucks currently being driven by the service is over 20 years old and has multiple mechanical issues, including the engine, and significant rust affecting the interior and exterior of the vehicle. DuBois presented several vehicles she found on the government website, and the council voted unanimously to pursue the purchase of a new truck for the parks department. The decision will be presented to the City of Salem Board of Aldermen.

Deals were discussed for the disc golf course, which has been in Salem City Park for years. Several complaints have been heard regarding the layout of the course, as well as the maintenance. A quote was submitted for $3,089 not including labor or material costs to move and install the baskets. The board unanimously approved the offer, with money currently in the capital improvement fund. Course updates include tee boards, tee mats for player safety, and other additions to make the course more playable. Updates will be provided by parks department employees and volunteers from an area disc golf club.

Disc golf is played very similar to golf, except instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying disc. The goal is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible.

A pool price discussion took place as the minimum wage rises to $11.15 an hour in Missouri in 2022. The region’s pool prices were discussed, including Licking and Rolla. To maintain security and hire lifeguards, prices may need to be adjusted for the 2022 season. Further discussion will take place at a future meeting.

“The pool is not a source of income for us, but more of a community service. We cannot prevent people from going to the pool, but we must have certified lifeguards on staff,” DuBois said.

At the end of the discussions, People Centric met with the board regarding board goals and planning for the future.