Let Ping help you decide which golf ball is best for your game.


Finding a ball that perfectly matches your game (and your clubs) can take a standard fit to new heights. While some OEMs have created their own ball-fitting platforms over the years, Ping is rolling out its own online virtual tool called Ballnamic (ballfitting.com).

Ping has partnered with engineers and data scientists to create ball-specific modeling and flight algorithms. These tools power the software, which is able to suggest the best five balls for your game from over 40 unique models, including direct-to-consumer offers.

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The performance characteristics of each ball in the system are derived from testing at the Ping Proving Grounds. Using the Ping Man swing robot, Doppler radar, and “carefully monitored weather conditions,” Ping researchers can measure ball performance in wet and dry conditions for each club in the bag.

The cost is $39 for 24-hour access to Ballnamic, where you’ll create a profile and answer questions about your ball flight and club performance to get an accurate snapshot of your game. The end result is an algorithm that approximates the performance of a ball over a range of speeds and lofts. Your perfect ball is just a click away.

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