Many people want to enjoy the benefits associated with a credit card, but without being able to put themselves in financial trouble. With a normal credit card it is by definition possible to spend more money than you actually have available. By using a prepaid credit card you combine the best of both worlds. On the one hand you can pay wherever that is possible with a normal credit card, but you must ensure that there is sufficient balance on the card. Are you also interested in applying for a prepaid credit card? In that case the information on this page can help you further.

No BKR assessment

When applying for a prepaid credit card, testing is not conducted at the Stichting Krediet Registration (BKR). Requesting a credit card without BKR verification is possible using a prepaid credit card.

Lower age limit

Lower age limit

It is often very difficult for young people to be able to apply for a regular credit card, not to say almost impossible. This has everything to do with the fact that with a normal credit card you can of course take out a type of loan with the bank until the end of the month. If there is not enough money in the account to pay the amount, you will be in the red with all the consequences that entails. By applying for a prepaid credit card and depositing money on it, young people can still safely pay anywhere with a credit card (also online). The age limit for a prepaid credit card is therefore considerably lower. In comparison with a normal credit card, you do not have to be of age.

Annual contribution

Obviously, you will not want to apply for a prepaid credit card without having a good idea of ​​the annual contribution that is charged for it. Many people do not take this into account, but even a prepaid credit card is often not free. In addition, the costs that are charged can also show considerable differences, so it is always advisable to make a comparison. Only then will you ultimately opt for a prepaid credit card with the lowest possible costs. The costs that are charged are usually automatically deducted from the balance on the card once a year (or monthly).

Possible charging costs

The annual contribution is not the only cost that can be charged with a prepaid credit card. Applying for such a card quickly online will show that any charging costs must also be taken into account. Over the years, these costs have disappeared for the majority of prepaid cards, but there are still exceptions. Paying attention to any charging costs that may be charged is therefore an absolute must if you want to apply for a prepaid credit card that is as interesting as possible in financial terms.

What is the spending ceiling?

Many people do not take this into account when applying for a prepaid credit card, but a certain spending limit may apply. Especially when you choose to make frequent use of such a card, this is of course certainly a point that you will want to take into account. With some cards, this spending limit is remarkably low, while with other cards there is no question of this at all. Taking this into account when performing a comparison is therefore an absolute must.

Extra benefits from a prepaid credit card

Extra benefits from a prepaid credit card

Just as with a regular credit card, there are also additional benefits associated with certain prepaid credit cards. For example, what about a prepaid credit card where you also immediately enjoy travel insurance? This is ideal for people who are frequently abroad (for personal purposes!). Before applying online for a prepaid credit card, it can certainly not hurt to also take these extras into account.