Puma Ignite Fasten8 Pro Golf Shoe Review

This technological offering from Puma is one of the best spikeless shoes on the market today, providing the perfect blend of support and comfort on the golf course.

The Ignite Fasten8 Pro shoe features some of Puma’s best exclusive technologies to make it a comfortable, supportive and grippy golf shoe that can be worn virtually all year round. First, Puma’s PWRFrame technology provides one of the most stable platforms we’ve tried in a spikeless shoe. This translates to confidence in grip and support on any lie, no matter where your feet are positioned.

The outsole of the Puma Igntie Fasten8 golf shoes

(Image credit: Puma)

All spikeless shoes offer good grip in the dry, but a key marker is their performance in damp and wet conditions. Pleasantly, thanks to the Pro-Form TPU outsole, the Ignite Fasten8 Pro offers good grip in wet conditions and some decent friction in wet conditions as well. Sure, the best spiked golf shoes are what you want to wear if the weather gets really wet, but this shoe gave us great grip even in soggy conditions.

The Fasten8 Pro’s microfiber upper is also fully waterproof. So if you get caught in bad weather on the course, you can be sure these golf shoes will keep your feet dry and provide enough grip to get you through the end of the round. .

Finally, the overall comfort of the shoe is also impressive thanks to the Ignite foam that is implemented throughout the midsole of this shoe. You can feel like a game as soon as you put them out of the box. Impressive too, this shoe took very little break-in on the course.

Although this shoe won’t win any awards for the best looking golf shoe around, it is a practical, comfortable and supportive spikeless shoe that will be valuable for any golfer throughout the season. year.