Golfers at the highest level want to look great, but even if a shoe looks great, it needs to provide comfort, traction and stability. PGA Tour and LPGA pros can’t skimp on performance; they want to feel the ground but know they won’t slip, even when they are rocking hard.

Puma’s latest performance shoe, the Ignite Proadapt Δ (pronounced Delta), uses advanced designs and materials to meet everything elite golfers demand.

The outsole of each shoe has been designed with nine replaceable dual-hardness Tornado cleats, as well as numerous thermoplastic polyurethane indent-shaped traction elements to increase lateral stability and keep the golfer’s feet firmly in place.

The Ignite Proadapt Δ has nine studs and plenty of traction units to help grip the turf. (Puma)

To further improve lateral support, the Ignite Proadapt Δ features Puma’s Adaptive Fit system, including a double-layered decoupled collar. It sits inside the waterproof full-grain leather upper and has been designed to give the Ignite Proadapt Δ the comfortable and comfortable feel of a running shoe while maintaining the classic look of a golf shoe. . The tongue was designed to wrap around your foot to add medial support.

Puma Ignite Proadapt golf shoes

The Puma Ignite Proadapt Δ is available in four colors. (Puma)

The Ignite Proadapt Δ’s midsole features Adapt foam, a proprietary EVA material that Puma uses to increase cushioning and impact resistance. It softens the feeling of your foot hitting the ground.

The Ignite Proadapt Δ is available in four colourways for $ 200 a pair.

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