Srixon introduces the new Q-Star Tour golf ball. Now in its fourth generation, the Srixon Q-Star Tour will officially launch in the UK and Ireland on February 25, 2022.

The new Q-Star Tour offers the softest golf ball with tour-level performance from Srixon. The Q-Star Tour is calibrated to suit moderate swing speed players looking for the distance and spin of a tour-caliber ball.

Tour performance starts around the greens, and the fourth-generation Q-Star Tour offers a premium ultra-thin urethane cover covered in Slide Ring Material (SeRM).

Q-Star Tour features Srixon’s Spin Skin technology with SeRM coating that increases friction with every strike. That extra friction and bite means more spin and more control when attacking even the toughest pins.

In fact, in robotics tests commissioned by Srixon, the new Q-Star Tour delivered nearly 400 rpm more than a few close competitors.

Meanwhile, the FastLayer Core, with its graduated transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge, behaves like a core with thousands of layers, delivering distance and softer feel without compromise.

The new Q-Star Tour features the smoothest FastLayer core with tour-caliber performance from Srixon.

“The new and improved Q-Star Tour continues to deliver tour-caliber performance with a smoother feel compared to our other tour-level offerings,” said Joe Miller, product expert at Srixon Sports Europe.

“This ball delivers the distance all golfers need with the spin and greenside control to attack the toughest pins.”

The balls cost £34.99 per dozen and will be released at the end of February. They come in offerings of Pure White and Tour Yellow.