When Brooks Koepka recently signed with Cleveland-Srixon to play on company equipment, it was actually the performance of the golf ball that really won him over.

Before The game against Bryson DeChambeau, Koepka switched to a new ball from Srixon, called Z-Star Diamond.

“Z-Star Diamond is a game-changer for me,” Koepka said in a press release. “That golf ball has been a major driver in joining Srixon, and the transition has been seamless. The performance is truly impressive and I feel confident heading into the new touring season.

According to Srixon, the Z-Star Diamond combines the design properties of its two current touring ball offerings: the Z-Star and the Z-Star XV. It has a thicker thermoplastic urethane cover, however, helping to produce more spin and control on iron shots.

As with the Z-Star and Z-Star XV, the Z-Star Diamond version also uses “SpinSkin with SeRM” technology in the cover, which improves durability and maximizes spin through its flexible molecular bonds. The cover has 338 dimples on its surface which are designed to reduce drag and increase lift, helping to increase distance and improve control in windy conditions.

Inside the cover, the Z-Star Diamond ball has a new FastLayer core that is soft in the center and gets progressively firmer towards the edge to increase ball speed.

Compared to Srixon’s other ball offerings, the Z-Star Diamond is designed to produce more spin on mid and long iron shots to help stop power on the greens.

Who is the Z-Star Diamond intended for? Srixon says the ball is for high-speed players.

“Z-Star Diamond has been a very popular model with our PGA Tour staff, and the Diamond should definitely be considered by better, higher swing speed players looking for the best performance available,” said Jeff Brunski, vice president of research. and development at Srixon.

The new Z-Star Diamond will be available in a Pure White colorway on January 21 for $44.99.

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