Stewart Cink won his third RBC Heritage title on Sunday and his second victory of the season on the PGA Tour, but his brilliant victory ended a bit badly when he threw his golf ball into the crowd.

It was always a party that I never really understood and it’s not really a surprise that we don’t see it too often anymore.

Most of the spectators in the crowd will have their eyes on the player celebrating their victory, so if a golf ball is thrown at them you hope they would see it coming, but there is always the danger that some people will do so. no attention and that’s exactly what happened yesterday at Harbor Town Golf Links.

Now, Cink hasn’t exactly pitched his golf ball like a pitcher in a baseball game, but golf balls aren’t exactly soft.

It seemed like a slightly exaggerated drop from the viewer – who was perhaps thinking an insurance claim – but I’m sure Cink was still feeling a little worried for a while.

After winning his eighth PGA Tour title on Sunday, Cink was celebrating his victory with his family, when the 47-year-old decided to throw his ball into the crowd of spectators …


I hope the viewer involved is doing well and I’m sure they are, but after the video posted on the No Laying Up Twitter page, another PGA Tour player responded in the comments, sharing his own story where he had problems for doing something. similar.