Stuburt is a well-known brand for providing golfers with high quality golf equipment at a more affordable price than some of the biggest brands in the sport.

The Evolve II Spikeless Golf Shoe is another great offering from the brand and is both one of the best spikeless golf shoes and the best budget golf shoes we’ve tried this year.

The first thing to note is that it comes with a full-grain leather upper, a feature often unheard of in a shoe of this price. Most manufacturers will opt for a synthetic upper on a spikeless shoe like this, but the leather upper used here makes the shoe softer, more comfortable, and more breathable than its synthetic counterparts.

The Evolve II also uses Stuburt’s Dri-Back technology, which means it’s also fully waterproof (you also get a one-year warranty).

Stuburt Evolve II Spikeless Golf Shoe Outsole

(Image credit: Stuburt)

As for grip, the studless traction offered by the outsole was impressive in a number of conditions. As you’d expect, it’s ideal in dry conditions and the low profile feel makes walking on turf much more comfortable.

The studless outsole features a number of strategically placed studs to maximize grip in the areas where you need it most. The lugs are also designed to come in different sizes and shapes to aid this unique outsole structure and provide maximum grip.

Although we wouldn’t recommend this shoe over some of the best spiked golf shoes in wet conditions, it certainly stands out in the spikeless category and one of the best we’ve tried.

Combined with the cushioned and comfortable midsole, the Evolve II is a truly comfortable golf shoe that can hold up in most conditions.