Get rid of an old pair of shoes, save £25 and do something great for a budding golfer – what’s not to love?

Craft golf shoe brand Duca del Cosma has launched a trade-in promotion at hundreds of professional stores across the UK and Ireland, offering golfers £25 off one of their latest styles. they donate a pair of old golf shoes. Old shoes can be of any brand and model, and will be refurbished and distributed to aspiring golfers in Africa, India and Eastern Europe.

The promotion runs from April 1 to May 31, 2022.

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All you have to do is dig up an old pair of shoes and deliver them to your nearest Duca dealer with the laces tied together. UK reuse and recycling group Recyclatex will then shape them up and make them ready for someone to enjoy. And you’ll get £25 off a new pair of Duca shoes.

Swap your old golf shoes for new ones with Duca del Cosma's trade-in offer

“By taking advantage of this special offer, golfers will be seamlessly cooperating towards a more sustainable product life cycle for their golf footwear,” says Leslie Hepsworth, Managing Director of Duca del Cosma UK & Ireland. “As a fashion brand, we realize we have a responsibility to limit our environmental impact and this is one of the ways we believe we can reduce waste, while helping to grow the game of golf. to Recyclatex to refurbish and distribute all donated shoes, we hope to improve the golf experience for aspiring players living in countries where access to high quality sports equipment is very limited,” he added. .

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“This is a very exciting project for the Recyclatex Group and we are delighted to partner with Duca del Cosma and its customers to make golf more sustainable,” said Chairman Ross Barry.

Although this is the first time that we have been involved in the collection, refurbishment and distribution of golf shoes, as a non-profit organization made up of nine companies in the reuse and recycling sector, we have a lot of experience in recovering discarded items. ,” he added.

The entire Duca del Cosma SS22 collection of 28 models is available for the trade-in offer.

For more information on the SS22 promotion and range, visit

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