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Historic golf tournament returns with ne...

After a two-year pandemic pause, the historic Berkhamsted Trophy is making a comeback with the 61st edition, which is set to be the biggest yet after the decision was made to transform the event into a gender-neutral format. The three-day tournament, which became a 72-hole event in 2016 after nearly six decades of 36-hole play, […]

Spey Valley Golf Course Review

Spey Valley Golf Course Review GF Round: £35 to £75 (prices per person are reduced for three-ball and four-ball)Through 72 7,017 yardsSlope 140Director General’s Verdict – A great golf course with one of the best backdrops in the UK, flanking the Spey from the start and playing against a glorious backdrop of the Cairngorms.favorite hole […]

Srixon Soft Feel Lady golf ball review

Offers Srixon Soft Feel Lady Ball The Srixon Soft Feel Lady is a golf ball that does exactly what it says on the package – it feels super soft like a knife slipping through butter. We spent a few hours rolling the Soft Feel Lady on practice greens and loved the responsive feel of the […]

Is it the most beautiful golf course in ...

Situated and surrounded by a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Surrey’s Hankley Common Golf Club is one of the UK’s top moorland courses and is ranked 32nd of Golf Monthly UK’s 100 Best Golf Courses and Ireland 2021/22. (Image credit: Jason Livy) The Hankley Common layout was designed by James Braid and Harry Colt and […]

Cuater The Legend Golf Shoe Review

Sale Cuater Men’s The Legend Golf Shoes Cuater The Legend Golf Shoe Review One of the most traditional golf shoes to be released in 2021, The Legend by Cuater offers golfers a classic, high-tech golf shoe that can be worn all year round. Starting with the looks, it has to be said that this simple, […]

Mizuno Wave Cadence Spikeless Golf Shoes...

Mizuno Wave Cadence Spikeless Offers Mizuno Wave Cadence Spikeless Golf Shoes The Mizuno Wave Cadence Spikeless Golf Shoe is a unique offering for golfers: a shoe built on the platform of a running shoe, designed for the golf course. None of the other top golf shoes we tested this year went this route, so how […]

Puma Ignite Fasten8 Pro Golf Shoe Review

Puma Ignite Fasten8 Pro Golf Shoe Deals Puma Ignite Fasten8 Pro Golf Shoe Review This technological offering from Puma is one of the best spikeless shoes on the market today, providing the perfect blend of support and comfort on the golf course. The Ignite Fasten8 Pro shoe features some of Puma’s best exclusive technologies to […]

Adidas Tour 360 XT SL 2.0 Golf Shoe Revi...

Adidas Tour 360 XT-SL 2.0 Spikeless Shoe Deals Adidas Tour 360 XT SL 2.0 Golf Shoes The adidas Tour 360 golf shoe is one of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes. The XT SL 2.0 is the fully waterproof, spikeless variant of the Tour 360 brand, providing golfers with spikeless comfort and complete protection from the […]

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe Re...

Sale Ecco Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex golf shoes Ecco Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe Review The best Ecco golf shoes are renowned for their unparalleled comfort, premium materials and incredible durability. We are beyond thrilled to announce that their latest golf shoe – the Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex – has once again hit the […]

Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes

Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoe Deals Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoe Review Nike’s Air Max 90 shoe has been reinvented for use on the golf course, and thankfully, we’ve found this classic silhouette to be a practical and fashionable offering for the golf course. Right away we could see what this […]

G/FORE Gallivanter Golf Shoe Review

G/FORE Men’s Gallivanter Spikeless Golf Shoes The branded shoe from G/FORE is absolutely eye-catching on the shelf. It’s a great fusion of classic style and a bunch of cool, modern details – and it’s those touches that set Gallivanter shoes apart from anything I’ve seen and tried on the market. Not everyone will be a […]

Stuburt Evolve II Spikeless Golf Shoes

Stuburt is a well-known brand for providing golfers with high quality golf equipment at a more affordable price than some of the biggest brands in the sport. The Evolve II Spikeless Golf Shoe is another great offering from the brand and is both one of the best spikeless golf shoes and the best budget golf […]

Arccos launches golf ball data capture a...

Arccos, the pioneer of artificial intelligence in golf, has now added another unique feature to its market leading product. For the first time, users of the Arccos Caddy app around the world will be able to track and compare the performance of different balls using the new golf ball data capture and analysis system. This […]

Mizuno Nexlite GS BOA Spikeless Golf Sho...

Offers on Mizuno Nexlite GS BOA Spikeless Golf Shoes The headline of the Mizuno Nexlite GS BOA Spikeless golf shoes is their lightweight. Each shoe weighs just 235g (8.3oz) and feels weightless on the golf course. Very few of the best spikeless golf shoes come close to the Mizuno in terms of weight. They’re made […]

Bridgestone e6 golf ball review

Bridgestone e6 golf balls offers Bridgestone is the golf ball brand of choice for Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau, two of the best-known names in the game, as well as Fred Couples, Lexi Thompson and Matt Kuchar. Are they good for the average golfer? This Bridgestone e6 golf ball review tests the new 2021 model […]

Bridgestone e12 Contact golf ball review

The first thing you notice when you unwrap a Bridgestone e12 Contact golf ball are the dimples. Wide, hexagonal and deep dimples with raised circles. The Contact Force dimples are the inspiration for this new ball which replaces the Bridgestone e12 Soft and e12 Speed ​​balls and which it believes will increase the contact area […]

TaylorMade 2021 TP5x golf ball review

TaylorMade 2021 TP5x Golf Ball Offers The TaylorMade 2021 TP5x golf ball is the third generation in the franchise and it has been improved rather than redesigned. The TP5x is the firmer of the two balls in the TP5 line that the TaylorMade 2021 TP5 Ball Review covers, so if you like that kind of […]

Which Titleist golf ball is right for yo...

With such popularity among golfers of all skill levels, you would be hard pressed to find a four ball at your local club without a Titleist ball. But do you know which Titleist golf ball is right for your game? That’s the question we asked Titleist golf ball specialist Tom Hiscock at the new Titleist […]

What happens in a golf ball fitting?

While most golfers have either been to a golf club or know someone who has taken the plunge, many are unaware that the same service is available when it comes to golf balls. It may not be widely known, but getting inserted into the right ball plays a major role in maximizing a golfer’s potential. […]

Best Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Deals

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is one of the best golf balls on the market for golfers who love a soft-touch golf ball that consistently delivers solid distance characteristics. The Supersoft has also been one of the most economical golf balls on the market for a number of years, with golfers finding an inexpensive way […]

Best Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball Deals

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is a well established name in this market, and is not only one of the best golf balls for slower swing speeds, but one of the best golf balls, period. . The latest iteration of the Soft Feel franchise launched in November 2020 and it is the 12th generation […]

Best Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball Deal...

The Chrome Soft golf ball was released in 2020 with great fanfare, with Callaway investing $ 50 million to make one of the best high-end golf balls on the market at the time. Since then, the Chrome Soft has been adopted by club golfers and Tour pros who want a soft-touch golf ball with premium […]

Clean Flight Golf Ball Washer

Clean Flight Golf Ball Cleaner Deals Clean Flight Golf Ball Washer Review While Covid-19 rules on golf courses have been relaxed enough, in many places common ball washers remain out of order. The safety of golfers is of course paramount, but it is also important to be able to thoroughly clean our golf ball on […]

Volvik Marvel golf ball review – golf mo

Volvik Marvel Golf Ball Deals In this Volvik Marvel Golf Balls review, we take the Black Panther model to the golf course to see if the performance matches the eye-catching design. Volvik Marvel golf balls review For golfers looking for a ball that has a more distinctive look than traditional white, the options on the […]

Meet Abu Dhabi Golf Club’s New Golf Cour

Richard-Dean Geyer, new golf course manager at Abu Dhabi Golf Club Image Credit: Provided Gulf News met the newly appointed golf course manager at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, 32-year-old Richard-Dean Geyer known as Dean. How did it all start for you Dean? I was born and raised in South Africa and immediately fell in love […]

What Kind of Golf Ball Should You Use?

Does the Golf Ball You Use Really Make a Big Difference? Well yes it can, although choosing the right one will greatly depend on your skill level and physical attributes. The most accomplished golfer will benefit from a high-end standard golf ball, as it is designed to help the best ball attackers with faster swings. […]

7 tips to help you find your golf ball

Few things increase a golfer’s level of anxiety more than the uncertainty of whether or not they will find a lost golf ball, especially late in the game. With a good current score, everything must be done to avoid the untimely loss of two shots. So giving yourself the best chance of avoiding such a […]

New Adidas ZG21 spiked golf shoes provid...

You have to appreciate Adidas’ optimistic approach to golf: their new ZG21 golf shoe has been unveiled with great fanfare, although in countries like the UK people can’t even play golf right now. due to lockdown. Still, that doesn’t mean we’re going never be able to replay and when people return to the golf courses […]