For the second time in two years, Killearn Golf & Country Club is changing hands.

The Killearn Homeowners Association announced at its board meeting on Tuesday that it had approved the sale of the clubhouse and golf course to Tallahassee native David Cummings, who founded Atlanta Ventures (AV).

“We are very excited and think this is going to be a wonderful thing for our whole community,” said Steve Givens, president of the Killearn Homeowners Association, during the Zoom livestream of the meeting.

The vote of the nine-person council has not been made public.

Killearn Country Club owner Barton Tuck needs town commissioners to approve the rezoning so he can sell the section

Cummings, who attended Lincoln High and is an Atlanta-based tech entrepreneur, purchased the golf course and clubhouse from Killearn Golf Properties (KGP).

KGP, headlined by Jimmy Graganella and Ron Tolliver, signed a $2 million purchase deal in February 2020 with former owner Barton Tuck of Greenville, South Carolina.

Cummings signed a $2.6 million purchase deal with KGP in early February, according to Graganella. Sales negotiations between the principals began last December.

Cummings has founded several companies that are collectively worth $1 billion, according to reports.

Her father, Dr. Ronald Cummings, is a retired orthodontist from Tallahassee. Cummings’ AV partner AT Gimbel also attended Lincoln High, according to the company’s statement.

Region 1-3A Golf Tournament at Killearn Country Club on Tuesday 23rd October 2018.

In a statement emailed last week by Atlanta Ventures to Killearn course and club members, the company said it expects to close the deal in mid-March after receiving approval from the homeowners association.

“From the closure, we will begin planning a massive revitalization which includes the construction of a new clubhouse, swimming pool and restaurant, as well as massive investments in improving the golf course” , the statement said.