Who makes the best golf shoes for kids?

Young golfers need a lot of equipment to play. While the focus is on clubs, golf balls, and the putter, finding the right pair of golf shoes is also crucial.

The right shoes for young golfers will provide comfort for walking the course as well as stability to maintain balance while swinging. The Adidas Unisex Codechaos Boa golf shoes for children offer a stylish look and excellent performance.

What to Know Before Buying Kids’ Golf Shoes

Kids’ golf shoes are available in spiked or spikeless models, just like men’s golf shoes.

Spiked Kids Golf Shoes

For kids who want maximum grip on the golf course when swinging their clubs, choosing a pair of shoes with spikes on the sole is the best choice. Having the spikes near the edges of the shoe’s sole will give the best grip.

With spikes, the player is less likely to slip while swinging. A slip during the swing could cause a player to send their ball into the rough, or possibly even slip and fall off the tee.

However, spiked shoes are difficult to wear on the concrete or asphalt in the golf cart path or around the clubhouse. Additionally, some children trip when wearing spiked shoes, which can lead to scuffing on the green.

Spikeless golf shoes for kids

For young players who don’t like the spiky feel while playing, youthful spikeless golf shoes are an option. Some players feel that the spikes provide too much grip on the ground, making it difficult for them to execute a natural swing at full power.

Spikeless golf shoes can also be worn on hard surfaces off the golf course, unlike those with spikes.

The biggest downside to spikeless shoes is that they don’t provide the same level of grip on grass as a spiked shoe. Players who often play on a wet golf course may not be able to successfully use spikeless shoes, for example.

Features of children’s golf shoes

When it’s time to try and find the right pair of kids’ golf shoes, the individual characteristics of those shoes will help differentiate the different models.

Kids Golf Shoe Style

As most parents know, kids can be a bit picky about their shoes sometimes. Fortunately, children’s golf shoes are available in a wide range of designs that look great.

The majority of youth golf shoes will look like sneakers, which children will often prefer over traditional looking golf shoes that look like dress shoes.

Kids Golf Shoes Color Options

Most of the golf shoes for men mainly consist of dark colors. It helps to hide grass stains and mud.

For children, however, golf shoes can be purchased in any color. Light colored kids’ golf shoes look great, but understand that they can show more dirt and grass stains.

Kids Golf Shoe Design Styles

For children who walk on the golf course, having a light shoe is nice to help the player avoid tired legs from the last nine.

Having a comfortable fit is important to avoid painful blisters while playing as well. Lightweight padding around the edges of the shoes provides a good fit to prevent blisters.

Prices for children’s golf shoes

Expect to pay anywhere from $ 30 to $ 100 for a pair of kids’ golf shoes. If the shoes have a popular brand name, they will likely carry a price tag towards the high end.

Why do young golfers need to wear golf shoes?

A. Nothing in the rules of the game of golf says that young golfers should wear real golf shoes. However, children who play golf can benefit from wearing golf shoes, as the bumps or spikes on the soles will help the young player maintain their balance. Additionally, adult golfers should wear proper golf shoes when on the course, so it’s a good idea to get your child used to them early on.

Is it worth looking for a pair of water resistant kids’ golf shoes?

A. Think of the conditions on a golf course, where players often encounter dew on grass, water hazards, sprinklers, and rain. Water resistant and water resistant children’s golf shoes are a great idea to keep a young golfer’s feet as comfortable as possible on the course.

What children’s golf shoes should I buy?

The best of the best kids’ golf shoes

Adidas Codechaos Boa unisex golf shoes for kids: available at Amazon and Adidas

Our opinion : These sharp looking golf shoes will be comfortable for walking the course, giving kids the support they need for maximum swing power.

What we like: This pair of shoes is highly water repellent thanks to a film superimposed on the synthetic upper part. Each shoe uses six studs spaced around the outside of the sole to provide maximum stability.

What we don’t like: These shoes are a bit pricey for kids who will almost certainly get past them before they wear them out.

Best value children’s golf shoes

Skechers Max Mojo Spikeless Unisex Kids’ Golf Shoes: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : For kids who find it difficult to walk with spikes on their golf shoes without damaging the green, these spikeless Skechers shoes will solve the problem.

What we like: Kids will love these popular designer shoes thanks to the multiple color combination options. This pair of shoes has a water repellent design, so it is perfect for morning rounds of golf with dew on the grass.

What we don’t like: Some kids will find it difficult to maintain their grip on the ground when swinging in a spikeless design like this.

Honorable Mention Kids Golf Shoes

FootJoy Unisex Pro / SL Junior golf shoes for children: available at Amazon

Our opinion : Kids can be tough on their shoes sometimes, including on the golf course, but this durable pair of FootJoy shoes will easily last all golf season without showing significant wear and tear.

What we like: The manufacturer has added extra foam inside the shoe for maximum comfort in a lightweight design. It doesn’t use traditional spikes, but it does seem to provide the traction young golfers need to maintain their balance.

What we don’t like: This shoe is priced above average. The predominantly white design may show some grass stains and dirt.

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