While Auto grand theft 5 remains perhaps the most sophisticated of all Grand Theft Auto installments, it’s also the most engaging in terms of storytelling and gameplay. Many of its defining features since its release in 2013 remain extremely fun to use today, especially its intuitive combat system that gives players plenty of fun executing combos and other shenanigans.

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And while GTA 5 has a plethora of guns and weapons to use, perhaps it’s its range of melee weapons that can inspire players to do their best in battles. After all, players need to use melee weapons near enemies who can hit them with a wide variety of firearms. With the right melee weapon, however, players can definitely get the edge.

ten stone hatchet

Stone hatchet in GTA 5

the stone hatchet is one of the most iconic weapons in the game, mainly for its looks. After all, it’s quite strange to see a weapon straight out of a fantasy game land in the modern and crazy world of Grand Theft Auto. But given the goofy nature of the game, the Stone Hatchet is an exception. Players receive the Stone Ax as a reward for completing five Bounties.

It’s also easily one of the most unique weapons in the game, mostly for its special ability. To activate it in In line, players must attack an NPC with the axe. This gives them 12 seconds of Rampage which is renewed after each kill.


9 crowbar

Crowbar in GTA 5

Players who want something fast and loose in combat can rely on the good ol’ crowbar to do the job. Resembling a standard crowbar, this weapon packs exactly the kind of pain everyone expects it to be capable of in real life. And the Crowbar in Grand Theft Auto certainly lives up to its name. Players find the Crowbar on the east end of Los Santos, inside a cul-de-sac.

In terms of stats, the Crowbar doesn’t necessarily boast high attack damage, but rather speed. Players can use the Crowbar to throw nasty combos much faster, like the knife. However, the game imposes a downside in the form of less damage. Either way, the Crowbar is a good weapon to choose for hit-and-run encounters, especially when exiting a fast-paced vehicle.

8 broken bottle

Broken bottle in GTA 5

Things always get serious in a fight when someone breaks a bottle and uses its sharp edge to engage someone in combat. And it is this chilling fact that makes the broken bottle quite a formidable weapon to use in Grand Theft Auto. It’s easily accessible, and it does a lot of harm without being too expensive. Players get the broken bottle after the “Repossession” mission in story mode.

In terms of stats, it does the job as easily as a knife. It has the same speed component as the Knife but deals more damage than the latter, being more in line with the Ancient Cavalry Dagger in terms of combat prowess. However, it cannot be used underwater, which immediately reduces its effectiveness as a weapon.

7 Machete

Machete in GTA 5

Sometimes the guns stay in the heart of GTA fans for their remarkable design, and the Machete easily matches the list because of this. Its sleek and simple design gives it an extremely clean appearance, like straight out of a modern gun shop. However, the machete is just as fun to use as a melee weapon as it is a decorative piece of gear. Players get the machete through Ammu-Nation for $8,900, and it’s available after the “Nervous Ron” mission.

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The machete stands out in combat as players can wield it while driving vehicles, hitting enemies as they speed up as soon as they cause mayhem. On the ground, the Machete can easily hit 1 NPC and deal massive damage to players, making it a deadly combat weapon for close encounters.

6 Ancient Cavalry Dagger

Ancient cavalry dagger in GTA 5

Although more ceremonial than practical, the Ancient Cavalry Dagger is definitely one of the prettiest weapons in the game. What is more impressive about the Antique Cavalry Dagger is its damage properties as it is more suitable for underwater combat compared to other melee weapons. Players get this through Ammu-Nation after the “Mr. Philips” mission for $2,000.

That being said, the Antique Cavalry Dagger is definitely worth carrying more than Knives when it comes to melee weapon choice. Its ornate nature also gives players a more regal feel, perfect for those with high status in their criminal enterprises.

5 Cue stick

Billiard cue in GTA 5

Players who miss the katana from the previous game can rely on the sleekness of a thin Cue stick to do the job. Despite its size, its shape is long enough to be a real weapon used in battle. However, the Pool Cue actually packs a punch when used in Grand Theft Autoespecially in In line. Players can get the pool cue In linethrough Ammu-Nation for $6,250.

In terms of stats, the pool cue has the highest melee damage number, which means it’s a tie between the pool cue, baseball bat, and golf club. However, the sleeker nature of the Pool Cue certainly makes it a less bulky weapon to wield compared to other more violent melee weapons in the game.

4 Baseball bat

Baseball bat in GTA 5

There’s a reason why some people advise others to get a Baseball bat to protect themselves at home or behind the wheel of their favorite vehicles, and Grand Theft Auto sink that point with that melee weapon. While acting essentially the same as its counterparts in other games, the baseball bat is still scary as it can kill NPCs simply with a smack to the head. Players can get the weapon from the store next to Ammunation located on Route 68 or from the Altrusit Cult camp.

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However, the baseball bat also has the distinction of being one of the strongest melee weapons in the game. It has the same damage numbers as the golf club and pool cue, making it the one of the baddest guns that has the stats to back it up.

3 Golf Club

Golf club in GTA 5

the Golf Club is easily one of the oldest melee weapons to exist in the Grand Theft Auto universe, making it a classic among gamers. After all, despite its seemingly unremarkable appearance, the fact that players use a golf club to hit others, among all things, gives it every level of insanity. Players get a golf club after playing a round of golf or after scaring a golfer.

What’s more interesting is how it works in terms of combat. While the Knife is certainly much faster than the Golf Club, the latter reigns supreme when on the move. The golf club has been observed to hit faster than the knife when used at the same time while running, meaning the golf club user has the advantage when taking enemies by surprise or even in a hand-to-hand duel.

2 Knife

Knife in GTA 5

Although there are other, more sophisticated weapon options, the Knife is still an always reliable melee weapon when fighting anyone. Despite its unremarkable appearance, the knife offers a lot of versatility with the right use. For example, he can perform sneak attacks by stabbing, but lacks the obvious “oomph” compared to the truncheon or crowbar. Players can purchase the knife for $100 or find them on the game map.

However, the knife has the distinction of being able to be used underwater, with the exception of the Antique Cavalry Dagger and Knuckle Dusters. Considering the relative ease of access to a knife, it’s a much better melee weapon compared to the other options players have to scour the in-game map to find.

1 Fist

Fists in GTA 5

Why even rely on a weapon when players can just rely on the good old days Fists? Perhaps the most basic melee weapon, there’s something raw and intense about it with the natural “hit” of a punch or kick, and there’s plenty of versatility available when you opt for the fist instead of other melee weapons. Players have fists by default.

For starters, players get more combat options when using the former. In addition to punches and kicks, players can do headbutts, sucker punches, and even face slaps. Players can even sneak up on their opponents and immediately knock them out with a karate kick. The versatility of the Fist makes it the best weapon for pros and beginners alike.

The next-gen remaster of Auto grand theft 5 was released on March 15, 2022 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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