Even playing in the dead of winter, Olmos Basin’s renovations feel like you’re on a whole new track!

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — I had no idea Olmos Basin Golf Course was such a great course… Now that I know, I’ll be back again and again! Alamo City Golf Trail, the nonprofit organization that runs the course in town, just invested a ton of money in it.

“We hadn’t touched it since 1963,” said Ruben Caraveo, ACGT’s marketing director. So they paid $4 million to improve the drainage, because the course is in a floodplain, and they built the greens with a lot more undulations.

It was the time of year when all the leaves had fallen from the trees, so the course seemed wide open. When spring comes and the leaves grow, it will be a totally different animal. By putting on the greens, you clearly see the ball rolling true!

My 80-year-old Uncle Kenny was from New York and he loves to play, so I thought it would be fun to take him with me. Before he even got to the first tee, he made sure to tell me that he hadn’t touched a golf ball in six months.

His first swing, he hit it about 225 yards down the middle of the fairway… Sandbagger! I couldn’t hit the fairway if I shot it with a gun! We finally shook off the winter rust and played a fair game

We lost a ball or two, ended up in a bunker or three, but after the 18th hole we were both just over 90. Not a bad day’s work, if that’s how you want to call it. I suggest you check out the city route!

There are eight courses around the city. If you purchase one of their relatively inexpensive member packages, you can ride the Olmos Basin or any of the other courses for as low as $19. See the Alamo City Golf Trail website for more information.