STA, September 29, 2021 – A Slovenian sports enthusiast has imagined a new hybrid sport, a mix of tennis, golf and footgolf which he calls tennigolf. The game is played on a golf course with a racket and a tennis ball, while the target is a footgolf hole half a meter in diameter.

“Tennis is a new sport that no one in the world has registered or licensed,” said Aleksander Kravanja, the inventor of the sport and owner of the Golf of Bovec, said yesterday at the world premiere of the sport.

The Golf de Bovec has offered footgolf for several years and has even hosted an international competition and national championships in this increasingly popular sport.

According to Kravanja, tennigolf is more accessible than golf, which requires a lot of skill, or footgolf, which requires between three and five shots of a soccer ball for a single hole.

Bovec is currently the only place it can be played, but next year there are plans to introduce it to several other pitches across Slovenia.

In the coming weeks, the new sport will also benefit from more precise rules and a handicap system.

There are many hybrids between golf and other sports. Disc golf is particularly popular and players have five courses available in Slovenia.

Footgolf is much newer but has exploded in popularity, with around 120,000 active players worldwide today.

Kravanja, 51, took a liking to footgolf several years ago.

“I started with golf, then I realized that there were other activities that could be done on a golf course. I tried footgolf and I realized that people were captivated by the sport … I am sure that tennigolf will flourish too and in the future we will be able to say that Bovec is the home of tennigolf, “he said.

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