The third generation Titleist AVX has been engineered to deliver longer distance, improved short game spin and a very smooth feel.

The AVX was first introduced in 2018 as a low-spin, smoother-feeling alternative to Titleist’s top-of-the-line Pro V1 and Pro V1x models.

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Since then, it has proven to be an incredibly popular option for golfers who prioritize its unique performance characteristics, but still want to experience incredible quality, exacting precision and precision. an ultimate spin at the edge of the green.

For 2022, Titleist’s golf ball factory R&D boffins listened to the feedback they were receiving from golfers and sought to meet their demands by improving short game spin and control, increasing driver distance and providing an even softer feel.

“With the new AVX, we’ve focused on what AVX golfers are asking for: improving the already incredible distance and feel golfers love, while improving greenside spin,” said Frederick Waddell, management of golf ball products.

“We achieved this by softening the urethane cover for better short game performance, while adding a new core formulation for speed and new aerodynamics for flight stability and more distance.”

Titreist Avx 2022 2

The AVX’s low-compression three-piece construction has been revised. Let’s start by looking at the golf ball motor, its newly redesigned core. The Core is the driving force behind the high speed and low long game spin offered by AVX. It served to deliver both more and the AVX’s distinctive smooth feel.

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The new design increases the stiffness of the outermost parts of the core, while keeping the center soft. It progressively decreases driver and long game spin, while simultaneously interacting with the High Flex Casing Layer to promote high ball speed and low spin for greater distance.

To generate more greenside spin than ever before with the AVX, a new, softer cover has been developed by Titleist’s R&D teams. It increases the soft differential (urethane cover) versus the hard differential (high-flex housing) to ensure you get more grip with your wedges and better control around the greens.

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The new design is completed with a new 348 tetrahedral catenary aero dimple pattern. Quite the bite. This new model was part of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x reviews that began in 2013, with Titleist claiming you can expect a piercing, low trajectory and greater consistency on all shots.

Titreist Avx 2022 5

Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1x, Pro V1x Left Dash and AVX premium golf balls are differentiated by three keys performancecharacteristics flight, spin and feel. The AVX offers the lowest flight, lowest spin, and smoothest feel of them all.

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The 2022 AVX features a host of upgrades, all aimed at providing golfers and fans of this golf ball with the improvements they have been wanting. Titleist has left no stone unturned in the design of this latest iteration and we’re sure the performance will speak for itself.

Available: February 4
£48 (per dozen)