The new AVX features low compression, multi-layer construction and an exclusive core design.


More spin and distance to the edge of the green. It’s a recipe every recreational golfer literally wants with the golf ball in their bag – and one Titleist has strived to achieve with their third-generation AVX golf ball.

Distance can be achieved in a variety of ways, but in the case of Titleist, the goal was to find a way to increase greenside spin while reducing the extra distance from a ball that already generates poor launch characteristics. and spin.

A reformulated kernel is the engine that powers AVX. By increasing the stiffness of the outermost parts of the core – while leaving the inner core soft for short game performance – and sandwiching a layer of highly flexible casing between the cover and the core, engineers were able to produce a ball that goes faster than its predecessor, with low incremental spin in the long game department.

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This unobtainable Titleist ball has an astronomical price


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And then there is the “free distance”. Nothing in life is truly free, and that’s the case with the new 348 catenary dimple pattern found on the urethane cover. In development since 2013 – it was originally part of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x evaluations – the dimple pattern went through hundreds of iterations before the final version was selected after an arduous nine-year process.

You might not be able to tell the difference between the dimple pattern found on the last two versions, but there’s a major benefit that comes with unlock distance thanks to optimized launch – assuming you can figure out the puzzle . With AVX, the new dimple pattern improves downstream consistency.

The new dimple design provides a low trajectory with consistent flight on all shots through the bag.


“We are always designing new dimple patterns,” said Mike Madson, director of aerodynamics and research engineering at Titleist, “but we can only incorporate them into product development when we find something that we really like. With build changes it’s kind of like levers where when you pull one something else has to give. You always have to balance that performance. With aero, if we find something really good, you don’t have to change any parts of the build – you’re just going to get some free distance.

Going back to the analogy of levers, pulling the lever for distance usually comes with a trade-off in greenside performance. To enable benefits off the tee and around the green, a softer urethane cover was added to help generate more greenside spin – a priority for testers who provided feedback during the development process.

“We’re never going to increase performance in one area and make sacrifices in another,” said Frederick Waddell, director of golf ball product management at Titleist. “Choosing a softer cover provides performance around the green while maintaining the low-spin performance golfers have come to expect from AVX.”

Titleist’s third-generation AVX will be available February 4 for $49.99 per dozen in White and High Optic Yellow.

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