Scott Kramer tests the True Linkswear Tru Knit II golf shoes on and off the golf course in this comprehensive review.

True Linkswear Tru Knit II golf shoe review

There is no good way to put it: True made golf shoes that frankly looked like clown shoes. But things have changed a lot for this small business – in a very good way.

After hitting a home run with the original True Knit shoes a few years ago – which turned out to be the brand’s most popular model of all time – makers have followed this sequel which is even better.

Knit II’s lightweight nature, all-day comfort, sock-like fit feel, and breathable nature make it an easy choice for hot days on the fairways or hanging out with your friends while riding. a barbecue. But make no mistake: they are primarily made for playing golf.

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The one-piece upper is fully breathable and made from a 90/10 blend of polyester and elastane that adapts to most foot widths. It has a rich texture and is offered in white, blue gray and a “maui black” which is actually more of a deep green.

Wearing the latter color, several people asked us about the shoe. Yeah, it looks so good. The rod also repels water and oil. Inside the shoe is a ‘Wanderlux’ super foam midsole that adds flexibility, comfort and rebound energy to your feet.

There is a flexible opening for full socks, so you can easily slip your feet off without breaking the heel. As the company promises, you might just slip them on for your party and not want to take them off for the rest of the day.

The shoe weighs only 9.1 ounces – it will be very difficult for you to find anything lighter in your pro shop. Plus, the studless outsole has a cross-life tread, for decent traction. You will certainly prefer to use them on dry days. The materials used are also durable, so you can expect them to last.