Putting data-driven design and performance above all else, Under Armor’s fifth iteration of iconic golf shoe from three-time major champion Jordan Spieth delivers the comfort and feel of a spikeless shoe, with all the traction and power of a studded model.

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With the brand’s innovation in studless outsole construction – and the introduction of a ‘fourth dimension of traction’ – golfers will be confident that they always wear studded shoes with the same comfort. and incredible traction, even in wet weather. The shoe is also fully waterproof and comes with a two-year warranty.

Developed in collaboration with Jean-Jacques Rivet, a leading biomechanic and authority on the behavior of the foot during the golf swing, Under Armor built its own proprietary traction technologies – resistance to rotation in 2016, followed by horizontal traction. and vertical in 2019.

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This fourth dimension of traction – Interior Traction – is achieved through the introduction of a new 3D molded footbed that features an additional wrap on the medial side and top of the foot.

This wrap eliminates the “gap” between your foot and the shoe from the inside to create a fit to match your specific foot shape, reducing unwanted movement through internal traction.

Under Armor Spieth 5 SL golf shoes.

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The new studless outsole design uses a durable and lightweight TPU with rubber studs injected into specially targeted areas so players don’t feel any lack of traction during the golf swing.

Under Armor Spieth 5 SL golf shoes.

Crucially, the outsole also features flexible channels that harness valuable performance information from biomechanics to increase traction, stability, and the ability to transfer power from the ground to the swing.

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This is particularly noticeable in the forefoot where Under Armor redesigned its existing flexible channels to decouple the big toe, allowing it to stay anchored in the swing longer and providing a major source of improved stability in the golf swing.

Under Armor Spieth 5 SL golf shoes.

Comfort is a given, thanks to the full-length use of Under Armor’s exclusive UA HOVR cushioning platform, providing golfers with comfort and energy return for the swing, while staying as low as possible on the ground, as Spieth himself requested.

What Under Armor says about the Spieth 5 SL golf shoe

Jake Haley, Sr. PLM Golf Footwear, said: “By bringing a fourth dimension of traction to the Spieth 5 SL, we are opening up a whole new world of product performance. This, along with our whole new approach to studless outsole construction, allowed us to really maximize the golfer’s studless performance capabilities.

Under Armor Spieth 5 SL golf shoes.

“Data from our extensive testing with the world’s leading biomechanist, JJ Rivet, and JJ’s own expertise highlighted five areas of the foot that needed activation to create the perfect fit – we call them the ‘five senses. “.

“In Spieth 4, we were able to bring the shoe closer to the foot and engage four of the five senses of the foot. In Spieth 5, we are now engaging all five senses of the foot, which means your foot is totally in unison with the shoe. throughout the swing.

“Put simply, Spieth 5 SL is a game-changer for what golfers can expect in performance from spikeless shoes. “

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